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  1. n4gix

    Lockheed-Martin: UK Job Opening

    The Lockheed Martin UK Ltd Integrated Systems (LMUK IS) business unit is in search of a multimedia design professional to join the team in Bristol, UK. This role offers an exciting opportunity to build a career with a leading provider of systems engineering, software development, and complex...
  2. n4gix

    MCX: How to recover lost modeldef.xml file?

    I remember using MCX years ago to recover a lost modeldef.xml file from a compiled .mdl file, but now don't remember just how I managed to figure it out finally. Help an senile old man please? :rotfl:
  3. n4gix

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    My Christmas present to myself this year! I just reserved my seat for the above movie a day early, this coming Thursday, Dec 19th.
  4. n4gix

    Fantastic News for MSFS!

    I truly believe that nearly everyone will be jumping for joy at this news! I've learned that the SDK is planned to be released before the year is out. The new modeling format for MSFS will be gLTF. glTF™ (GL Transmission Format) is a royalty-free specification for the efficient transmission and...
  5. n4gix

    Colonel Killed in Vietnam War Finally Came Home...

    ...His Son Flew the Final Leg of His Homecoming. I am not crying! It's just the dust in the air... Longer video of arrival at Love Field:
  6. n4gix

    Propwash Effect(s)

    I have a twin turbine aircraft and need to adjust the Propwash from the centerline to behind each engine. Where is this defined? Aircraft.cfg or perhaps .air file?
  7. n4gix

    XML MouseRect problem

    I have encountered an issue that defies all of my attempts to resolve. I have multiple switches that are 3 position, center return. They are various 'trimming' switches that are left/right click, with spring-loaded center return. Most of them work as designed, however two simply do not. Here is...
  8. n4gix

    Is this the coolest FBO or what?

    I noticed this in my AOPA email feed today. This has got to be the coolest FBO in the world!
  9. n4gix

    P3D v4 Max 2017 & PBR Materials

    I have recently (as in a week ago) had to begin working on projects using P3Dv4.4 PBR Materials. However, in my Max 2017 none of the PBR albedo textures are being used in the Max Viewport, which makes further work exceedingly difficult! Has anyone a clue as to what I need to do to get this...
  10. n4gix

    How NOT to spend a lovely Sunday.

    Night before last as I was headed to bed, I stumbled as I was passing through the dining/music/miscellaneous storage room and rapped my left foot's little toe hard against my organ's solid wood bench. My foot went one way but my little toe decided to do a split. I didn't notice immediately that...
  11. n4gix

    Why won't this rotate?

    Can anyone suggest why this script doesn't seem to work? It's not too complicated! It should simply increment the L:var from 0 to 36 then reset, rinse and repeat endlessly: <!-- CUSTOM SCRIPTS --> <Animation name="Beacon_Light_Rotate" guid="f7e61f65-6d05-480d-b9f9-6c04e0c0484c" length="36"...
  12. n4gix

    NSIS: Setting a default $INSTDIR

    I was charged with creating an installer for the TC310R for X-Plane 11 yesterday. Since X-Plane 11 does not use the Registry to store any path information, I had to discover a way to at least set a default path for the installer to use. As it turns out this was far simpler than I thought it...
  13. n4gix

    FSX:SE Random <Visibility> Conditions Failing

    Many of you may know that we released the PA-30 Twin Comanche last Saturday. Everything has been working fine with 20 different avionics options. Everything tagged with their respective <Visibility> conditions. For the past few days I've been working on upgrading the Twinkie with an "Autopilot...
  14. n4gix

    Feeling like an idiot!

    Some days I wonder how I manage to seal my own shoes... ...much less get anything productive done! A few days ago I decided to uninstall some programs I haven't used in a very long time (such as Max9 and such), but accidentally uninstalled my Max2012 along with the other trash. o_O Luckily, I...
  15. n4gix

    How *not* to start your day... :(

    After fixing my coffee and relaxing a bit in my living room watching the news, I got up and strolled into my front office and turned on the monitors of my development computer... ...only to find a Blue Screen of Death. Uh oh! I rebooted the computer and eventually got the horrible screen...
  16. n4gix

    Mouse Rect in .MDL INOP (Redux)

    I was struggling for several hours today (well, actually the entire working day!) trying to figure out why my mouse points on an audio panel in the VC would go INOP whenever I had the parent panel object tagged with a visibility condition. I came here to post about the problem, when suddenly a...
  17. n4gix

    What a Wonderful Surprise!

    As some of you may have read, this was my second year as a volunteer at the Dayton Hamvention as a courtesy shuttle golf cart driver. Aside from a couple of hours on Friday morning "shopping and gawking", I spent the rest of Friday, and all of Saturday and Sunday happily shuttling folks around...
  18. n4gix

    P3D v4 Nosewheel Steering Wonky after landing...

    I'm uncertain where this post belongs, but since it is neither fish nor fowl, I'll put it here... I have a problem the which I've never encountered before. That is, my B737-200 Combi steers wonderfully during taxi out for takeoff, but after landing refuses to steer at all! It stubbornly...
  19. n4gix

    P3D v4 Gauge Search Priority

    I received a confirmation from the P3D team that they were not aware that the search priority for gauges had been reversed from ../gauges first, then ../panel. Now that they know, they have said they will investigate and fix this.
  20. n4gix

    Sending Ctrl-E (Autostart)

    Has anyone come up with a way to send a Ctrl-E command programmatically?