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  1. Marc L

    SimDirector for FSX (Alternative)

    Hello FSDevs :) Short: I am looking for a SimDirector Like tool for FSX, To place SimObjects :) Long: I recently found a verry cool addon called FSCAI (in short, it weaponizes SimObjects and make them shot at you, I love it) I use it Combined to FSX@War, but I can only fly where the FSX@War...
  2. Marc L

    Boeing 777X First Flight

    Hello, Here is the link:
  3. Marc L


    Hello Matt :) Amazing work :) I downloaded Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D, but I have an issue, It does not create Addon Scenery files... (BGLs), do you have an idea?
  4. Marc L

    Need advices on how to start

    Hello everybody, I want to try to make a non-airport scenery and I want to know how to proceed, what do I need etc (softwares, datas etc) The place huge, almost 90% convered by rain forrest, many rivers and has shore to ocean. Yes you got it, its French Guiana. what I wish to do are LandClass...
  5. Marc L

    What is this pavement?

    Hello, I'd like to know how this pavement is called? its a russian airport, in the middle of nowhere (thats why I like it) Thanks in advance Marc L
  6. Marc L

    FSX:SE Easter Island and St Croix Autogen

    Hello :) Im back in autogen creation: Im still downloading the St Ceois Photoreal to take pictures, release later today on AVSim :)
  7. Marc L

    Control tower interrior?

    Hello, I want to know how developer make ATC tower interior, are they artistic renditio? or based on real pictures? and if artistc, can I know how can I set one for this? Whay do I need to do :) Thanks, Marc
  8. Marc L

    FSXA STOL Competition Plateform "1000Ft"

    Hey, fast made entairtainment scenery for Multyplayer competition :) Tell me what do you think about it :) Regards, Marc
  9. Marc L

    OpenStreetMap Datas

    Hello, if you remember, I made French Guiana Autogen using OSM and ScenProc (Arno did an amazing tool) but something is clearly missing, and I never had success on doing it... On the Forum, I saw a "mini-tutorial" by MOUSY:
  10. Marc L

    FSXA Look what I found back after 2 years (more or less)

    Hey, you should mess around on you hard drive more often. I found back an old project I though it was gone (deleted due to problems) When I found it, its was only a Sketchup file, I added a few missing textures, converted and imported to FSX (I alse made an export for P3D v4 as I just got its...
  11. Marc L

    FSX:SE Best way to make 3D vegetation?

    Hey, Im willing to creat some objects for my sceneries, and coming to the vegetatin, I wonder what is the best way to make grass and trees (I the the cross model with 2 plane, but when we look on top, we can't see it, Im looking for something volumetric like this: how the planes must be...
  12. Marc L

    It is too much?

    Hello, a while ago I started it, but now, I feel like there are too much polygons :/ As YOU are the expert in Aircrafts Development, Im asking before continuey the wrong way :) If its possible, Id like to see other larges tublines in "wires" more (like my picture) so I will know how mine...
  13. Marc L

    Small proposition

    Hello, I wanted to propose something (maybe it has been asked already, but I did not found it....) If its possible, the ability to add 2+ prefix, to avoid people to ask FSX too? will it work on P3Dv4? And a sufix or what ever else, saying "On Hold" and "Cancelled" ie: [FSX] [FSX-SE] [FSXA]...
  14. Marc L

    The situation is getting bad here...

    Hello, sorry for this message but I feel a bit scared and I think I'll feel better if I can talk about it. Nobody knows, nobody is talking about it, but here is French Guyana, the situation is getting bad. A group of protestants emerged a few days ago, requesting France and Europe to act...
  15. Marc L

    3D Street Lights (FTX Glabal Users)

    Hello, As Im doing ans Aytogen pack for France VFR french Islands French Guyana, I wonder if and how I can light up the streat lights for FTXG users (its interresting as AirCaraibes TX571 takes off at Night, and the AirFrance A320 from Martinique comes at night) If the process request having...
  16. Marc L

    FSX:SE FVFR French Islands Autogen Coverage (BASIC)

    Hello, I was messing around on my PC, and I decided to enhace my Photoreal Addon Scenery, starting with my home country: French Guyana. Its was made in a few minutes with ScenProc only (Thx Arno for your help btw) I would need help to improve it under the 2017 base such as Night lightings for...
  17. Marc L

    How does it works? I only get Errors

    Hi, I wanted to test ScenProc as I heard its faster than hand placing. Unfortunately, I got errors :/ The tutorial I'm following :) (Sorry its in french) And in case, the area I'm trying to do Regards, Marc
  18. Marc L

    A forum for ASim

    Hi all, I created a small forum on my Website (still WIP but should be functional) Greetings, Marc L :)
  19. Marc L

    XMas Giveaway !!! (unfinished projects)

    Hello, First of all I wish you Merry Christmas to all of you! Im not sure if I give the DropBox links or if I ask you wich one you want and I give it yo you via PM, tell me wich one shall I do I'm willing to giveaway some of my unfinished projects: OMSD Skydive Dubai New Airport Upernavik...
  20. Marc L

    1000th, I have something to say

    Hello Developers :) Here we are, 2 years ago, as many of you, I joined the FSDeveloper without any knowleges, and I asked questions, it was rewarding as I have 2 sceneries availables, working on others sceneries and, as I watched many aircraft developers, I try to make an aircraft too. In 2...