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  1. lionheart

    Controlling glitter effect of bump mapping on a Dash?

    Hey all, Got the effect I want on a panel hood with bump mapping. However, when I go outside view and look at it, like at noon, looking down at it from afar, its a massive cloud of glittering effect. If you zoom way up, it goes back to normal. If only it had a distance manager.... I lowered...
  2. lionheart

    P3D v4 Material with Alpha for Reflection Control?

    Hey all, Does anyone know of a good setting for P3D materials to 'effect' reflections that would be managed by the Diffuse Alpha? I am using the P3D SDK. I seem to be having an issue with it working properly. I used to be able to make things look like chrome with a good alpha setting (black...
  3. lionheart

    Windows App Maker/Coder Needed

    Hey all, I have wanted to make a program for ages and I'm just not getting things done, and it occurred to me, maybe someone here might like to do it. Its simple, I think, and would be for Windows 7 and Windows 10. I can do all the graphics and expect that, as I know what I want, but have no...
  4. lionheart

    P3D v4 Wondering how to make these leather pockets...

    Hey all, Any idea's how to swiftly model these? I have tried many ways. Have stayed up watching 3ds Max Fabric (cloth) tutorials on YouTube. The shape is about its own thing, rounded and bloated in the middle, wrinkles in the top edge. Quite difficult. Making a simple mesh and...
  5. lionheart

    FSX:SE Sound Effects Through Smoke Effects?

    Didnt someone about a year or 2 ago figure out a way to do sound effects via the Smoke Effects section (config file?) and a gauge in XML? You create a trigger to play it? I seem to recall someone found out how to do this... Curious if anyone remembers this. Bill LHC
  6. lionheart

    How to update MCX

    Hello Arno, First, a thousand thanks for this amazing program and its internal programs as well, the various tools. I am very grateful for all your hard work. I got an update bubble again yesterday, and I think one 3 days ago. I went to install it and it failed to work. What I did was clone...
  7. lionheart

    Exporting P3D V2, V3, or V4 aircraft MDL file to FSX Format not working

    Hey all, As it says, I cannot seem to export my P3D V4.5 project from MCX to FSX. It shows it running, it has a file with KB's, but nothing appears in the sim. Is there a build log when converting/exporting a file from P3D V4 (MCX) to FSX format? I have been trying anything and everything to...
  8. lionheart

    P3D v4 How to Get Really Low STOL Speeds....?

    Hey all, I am tuning a lite weight Zenith CH 701 STOL aircraft. I am so close to having good STOL figures, which is really important on this build. Stall (not STOL) occurs at 25 MPH with full flaps. That is about 21 Knots. (yep... twenty one knots... ) I am down to 30 MPH but cannot...
  9. lionheart

    P3D v4 Export Failures of Hanger into P3D V4

    Hey guys, Trying to export a 3ds Max hanger into P3D V4. I have tried countless times to export from 3ds Max via the P3D tools 'Export' 'Placement' system. Cannot get it to show. I have tried importing the MDL and also the X file to MCX and export that way, and nothing seems to work. Of the...
  10. lionheart

    Help Understanding Timers

    Hey all, I use timers for boot screens on screen type gauges all the time. My Stingrey recently done, had 3 screens and had several stage screen pop-ups for the bootup sequence for all three screens. WITH... dings and sounds... But... I still do not fully understand them on the basic...
  11. lionheart

    What causes a 'Double Click' Need for turning on a Gauge?

    Hey all, So I have this GNS530 that for some reason, after I did a bunch of work to it, it now needs 'two' clicks to turn it on. It should only be one. Any thoughts? Anyone want to test it and see if they can find the issue? The gauge is written in FS9 XML Schema. Basically the GNS530 is...
  12. lionheart

    FSX ModelDef; How to Increase Click Amounts

    Hey all, This is FSX ModelDef code for a Switch that operates 'elevator trim'. The issue is, it 'barely' moves the trim tab, so you need to click 20X for any sign of trim effect. How might one increase this input? <PartInfo> <Name>CH70_sw_trimmer</Name>...
  13. lionheart

    P3D v4 V4 Part Code (ModelDef) for Buttons; Question

    Hey all, I am trying to transfer mouserect code from a 2D FS2004 XML Gauge to the modeled solid Polygon mesh buttons in the VC. I am having an issue. Do you see what I might be doing wrong? The original gauge is written in FS9 XML. The ModelDef list is of course in FSX / P3D XML...
  14. lionheart

    P3D v4 3D Model Switch Code; Starting at 50% point?

    Hey all, This one is beyond me. Hoping for some advice and help. Part (dial and part) start in the 50% point. You turn the knob and the part slides up or down, depending on mouseup or mousedown, or by right click/left click. But... It has to start at the 50% point. How does one write that...
  15. lionheart

    What is LUA? Does it work in FSX also?

    Hey all, What is this 'LUA' I keep hearing about? I found this website when googling this. Does this code also work in FSX or only in P3D V4? Bill
  16. lionheart

    P3D v4 What do you call this part on the Attitude Indicator?

    Hey all, In the animations list, what would this part be referred to for its animation? Its basically called a plane (symbol for the plane) on the horizon. Its adjustable up and down. What is its name in the XML parts list? Many thanks for any help. Part outlined in red... Dashes around...
  17. lionheart

    P3D v4 Added Blade to my Turboprops and she doesnt start running now?

    Hey all, So I add a blade to my prop's. They are 5 bladed fans and the stock King Air FM has 4 bladed fans. Changing these to 5 causes the girl to start up without the engine running. Is there an easy fix?
  18. lionheart

    P3D v4 Stock Beech Kingair FM's; Pull Left on Takeoff?

    Hey all, The Beech King Air FM pulls left on takeoff's. I tried to find a setting that sets prop rotations. The King Air has both fans spinning in the same direction. On the plane I am making, they are counter-rotating. When she takes to flight, she should be balanced, straight ahead. Is...
  19. lionheart

    P3D v4 Multiple FM files in the same folder?

    Hey all, I remember a gentleman back in the FS2004 days that had a Mirage and I think an F-16 (Kirk Olsson), that were brilliantly done, and he had multiple versions of files (AIR files) in the same folder. Was I imagining this or can you have multiple flight models in the same folder? This...
  20. lionheart

    P3D v4 Easier Way to Animate Landing Gear with Dummy Nodes

    I have learned (from Gibbage) a new way to animate landing gear and other various 'layered' multiple hierarchy assemblies. One uses Dummy's as your principal 'animation' parts. For those that do not know, sometimes your parts tend to not wish to be animated, doing all sorts of goofy things...