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  1. CruiseHD

    Basic Gmax Resources

    How can I register gmax at the moment? The link " " doesn't work... Can't find it....
  2. CruiseHD

    P3D v4 Help with Scenery needed

    Maybe just someone who could explain me that. But I'm learning now with this website. Also when I cannot find everthing I'm searching for but it works. Thanks alot for your help! #CLOSE
  3. CruiseHD

    P3D v4 Help with Scenery needed

    Hello Guys! I want to create a scenery of the small Airfield called Amlikon Flugplatz (LSPA) I need help with the Ground textures, how to model the objects and everything arround. I'm new to FS Development and I would like to learn it. I hope someone of you can help me. You may contact me via...
  4. CruiseHD

    Matching satellite scenery color to FSX 'native' scenery

    You have to play a bit with it and test it then. There is no other way to do it. Unfortunetly. Regards
  5. CruiseHD

    P3D v4 [SOLVED] ADE Not Working with Prepar3Dv4.1?

    Hey guys, So: I tried the first time to create a scenery for P3d. First I made the Photoreal Ground Textures which are working very well. But then I did the Airport in the ADE, compiled it and when I started my sim, it crashes. So I was looking cause of which file it crashes and the file is...