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  1. Ronald

    Video Card Advice

    Tech-data on: Asus Z87-K Motherboard - Haswell CPU - Tech-data on: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit: Note that this WIN7 OS is not officially...
  2. Ronald

    Video Card Advice

    Q: What is the make and model of your motherboard inside which your new graphics-card is going to he plugged? I do not read any data about this important and perhaps limiting issue, the foundation of your new GPU?
  3. Ronald


    Thanks for the language-type feedback rhumbaflappy :-)
  4. Ronald

    Arrived - after a little Open RedAlert detour - back at the FsDeveloper nest :-)

    Arrived - after a little Open RedAlert detour - back at the FsDeveloper nest :-)
  5. Ronald


    Sorry.. my Russian? language knowledge is a little rusty.. (as in.. I can not read it at all :-) A - Is this the Asus GPU Card one you are referring too? - Or these? - -...
  6. Ronald


    Which Asus GPU's are you exactly referring too? Got a link to a product website / webshop?
  7. Ronald

    CoVid19, how does it affect you or Sim community?

    Not at all, since i've been logically digging out this fear-mongering crap to the bottom (as far as correct information is available online) My own conclusion: A - Just another global(ist) Psychological Warfare operations to scare everyong into "taking the (next vaccine) shot" (and more...). B -...
  8. Ronald

    Blender2FSX/P3D (v0.9.5 onwards)

    For everyone who wants to download the latest Blender V2.79x variant, take a look over here: - - information page - ----- FTP download server link Enjoy and Blend On :-)
  9. Ronald

    P3D v4 My first custom jetway (skin n'bones)

    Holy canary, that looks great PinkJr!
  10. Ronald

    P3D v4 Fokker 130

    Welcome back Osian, now that is one good looking Fokker :-)
  11. Ronald

    P3D v4 My first custom jetway (skin n'bones)

  12. Ronald

    FS2004 Autopilot for Helicopter

    Hello Sergio I'v found some papers, which can be helpful to understand how a helicopter autopilot does its trick <- very extensive document >>...
  13. Ronald

    Blender 2.79b (uvMapping Issue)

    SOME TIPS / QUESTIONS 0. Some (crystal clear) screenshots would be very helpful for others here to see and understand what is going wrong at your computer. 1. Which "tutorials" have you been watching, where and made by whom ? since there is a huge varity in blender tutorial quality in the...
  14. Ronald

    Plan-G (version: 3.2) on Windows 7, 64 bits - ERROR: Exception : can not make a connection to the external server

    Can anyone confirm if the Plan-G VFR flightplanner backend_servers are working properly? This error occurs on every zoom-level even with all overlays and other features turned OFF
  15. Ronald

    Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX

    Your model keeps looking better and better Daan! Keep going...
  16. Ronald

    P3D v4 Fokker 130

    Thanks for the feedback Osian
  17. Ronald

    P3D v4 Fokker 130

    Do you already have planned a test-flight date for this Fokker Osian?
  18. Ronald

    Modeling problem

    This looks like a real nasty Air-to-Ground enemy. Very nice model!
  19. Ronald

    Chance-Vought RF-8G Crusader

    What a nice looking jet :-) Keep going Dean.
  20. Ronald

    Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX

    This G1 is looking great too Daan. In what other-then-fsx virtual skies did she fly?