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  1. Ronald

    Plan-G (version: 3.2) on Windows 7, 64 bits - ERROR: Exception : can not make a connection to the external server

    Can anyone confirm if the Plan-G VFR flightplanner backend_servers are working properly? This error occurs on every zoom-level even with all overlays and other features turned OFF
  2. Ronald

    ModelConvertorX and FSX .mdl model origin question

    Hello All I'm currently figuring out how to add / modify camera viewpoints to an existing model (a default C172 trainer with modified panel) - I've already found some nice tutorials about it over here...
  3. Ronald

    Question for FSdeveloper Admin Team - Upcomming EU Copyright Laws changes (20-June-2018)

    As you already may be aware (or not) the EU will vote this week (20-June-2018) about (installing) upload (aka censorship filters) In the EU portion of the Internet. QUESTION: How will this affect sharing our work here on Has anyone given any thoughts about this subject (yet)...
  4. Ronald

    "Deadstick" Bush Flight Simulator - What are your thoughts about it?

    What are your thoughts on this new and upcoming DeadStick Bush Flight Simulator (from Remex Software Ltd.) - - - -
  5. Ronald

    Blender and how to build an F16.. a little differently

    Blender 3D Short Film called "F16 Thropy" by BEAM Studios "F16 Thropy" - Visual Effects breakdown Link to the background story: - Enjoy the movies
  6. Ronald

    News - Blender Internal Render removed from version 2.8

    I just read this news on Ton Roosendaal's Twitter feed: - - EDIT added this link: - Question: How will the removal of the Blender...
  7. Ronald

    Blender - Friday 23-03-2018 - Dutch language only chatroom opened.

    Good news for all Dutch-language speaking and reading individuals who use Blender. This morning (Friday 23-03-2018, 11:xx GMT+1) a new - 100% dutch-language only - Blender chatroom was opened by the lead Blender Cloud developer Sybren Stuvel ( from the Dutch Blender...
  8. Ronald

    Blender - Tutorial / Ebook - "Procedural ware from A to Z in Blender"

    "Procedural ware from A to Z in Blender" 196 pages document written Joakim Tornhill from Blender Insights -
  9. Ronald

    Blender - Tutorial / Ebook - "The Beginners Guide into Cycles, the procedural way"

    The Beginners Guide into Cycles, the procedural way: 180 pages document written Joakim Tornhill from Blender Insights -
  10. Ronald

    Looking for tools to create documentation and Class and UML-diagrams from C, C++ and Python source-code.

    On my current YF-16 creation path, i've decided to take a deep-dive into the Blender open source-code: - - in order to be able to fully understand how: - Blender does "the trick exactly under the...
  11. Ronald

    Lessons on development of 64-bit C/C++ applications (conversion from 32-bits into 64-bits)

    On my path to find (online) material to help refresh my ancient (ANSI / Turbo) C_Coding skills, I landed on this wonderful PVS-Studio webpage about 64-bits coding - lessons: Here are the links to the relevant 64-bits lessons - - Homepage -...
  12. Ronald

    Blender - Tutorial - How to create a (WOII) Aircraft in Blender - By Witold Jaworksi

    On the Blender Artists forum I found a nice 13-pages long Work In Progress (WIP) thread on how to model an aircraft in Blender. This thread was created by Witold Jaworski and he shows you how to tackle the most challenges when it comes modeling an old WOII Bomber in Blender Below you find the...
  13. Ronald

    Malware alert - hidden inside Flightsimlabs A320X addon

    I just encountered this article about malware hidden inside Flightsim labs A320 X Addon, Just wanted to share it with you all here: Read more about it here: -
  14. Ronald

    3DS to Blender export tool "3DtoAll"

    For those of you who are interested into exporting your AutoCad 3D Studio project to Blender, take a look at this payware 3DS add-on over here: - - review 3DtoAll - ---------------- product website
  15. Ronald

    Blender - Smart UV Project - Bended Uvmap section editing

    I'm currently working on creating the textures for my YF16 project. I'm using the [UV Mapping] -> [Smart UV Project] methode in Blender to generate my UV maps (see image above) A - Some of my 3D mesh part unwrap perfectly symentrical (the one with the green lines). B - One part of the mesh...
  16. Ronald

    Blender - Shortcuts poster

    2 very nice Blender shortcut keys posters over here: -
  17. Ronald

    Tutorial - How to Make an Animated Flag in Blender

    I found a nice tutorial on on how to create an animated flag in Blender: - Enjoy it
  18. Ronald

    Compiler Explorer

    Matt Godbolt has created an awesome tool - Compiler Explorer This is a very useful and educational tool for all those developers, who what to know (in detail) how their highlevel (C++, D, Rust, Go, Ispc, Haskell and Swift) sourcecode is being compiled into machine-language statements -...
  19. Ronald

    FSW - New Videos and updates (1/2)

    In order to keep everyone updated, here is an overview of the latest Flight Sim World videos from Youtube: (1/2) FSW Tutorial - Adding Characters to Free Flight: Dev Diaries: "Cold / Dark Startup" and "TrueSky" .
  20. Ronald

    Blender - Creating a low polygon airplane tutorial (bij Karan Shah)

    For all those aircraft modelers, who are just getting started with Blender, I've found a nice airplane modeling tutorial: - Part 1 - Part 2...