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  1. fsisland

    Keflavik Airport maps and pics

    Hi. I am planning to add some of the changes/extendion that has been done since the Aerosoft scenery was released. however I can't find maps and aeralpictures of the current stadus of KEF. Can someone help with that? Best regards, Kjartan.
  2. fsisland

    Kangerlussuaq 2

  3. fsisland

    Dreamwings Q400 and FSX CRJ 700 panel

    Hi I am experimenting with Dreamwings Q400 and FSX CRJ 700 panel/virtual cockpit. What I have done is adding the default Bombardier_CRJ_700_Interior.mdl to the model folder of Dreamwings Q400 and adding this line to model.cfg: interior=Bombardier_CRJ_700_Interior. However when firing up the...
  4. fsisland


    Hi I was wondering if anyone have managed to make ISD Verona Villafranca (LIPX) work in FSX. And if so how? I tried to make "raw" installation with the original version and SP1, both for FS9, but nothing appears in FSX exept corrupt afcad of the airport. Here are links to the files...
  5. fsisland

    Fx compiling problem

    Hi. FSX FSDS 3.5.1 FSX gamepack I am making landling lights with 5 fx lights on each bar (Light_0012_1). When I compile the object I get this error message: OutputFile: _temp.MDL Output file after modification: _temp.MDL Creating output MDL file: _temp.MDL CRASHTREE no granularity...
  6. fsisland


    Hi. Here is screenshot of the runway. I have updated the runway textures and lines. Next step is to add ramps and taxiways.
  7. fsisland

    FSX second polygon bleedthrough

    FSX FSDS 3.5.1 FS2002 SDK Once again I run into problem with flattening vs. polygons. This time the middle of a polygon (the runway) dissappears in the middle of the lowest polygon (the ground), as can be seen on the photo below. The first polygon sits perfectly on the ground. I placed the...
  8. fsisland

    Rotating the object

    Hi. I am trying to rotate my scenery objects to exact direction. If I use the mouse in the rotate mode the rotation will not be accurate enough an the objects jump over preferred location. It seems like it is not possible to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to be more presize as is possible...
  9. fsisland

    Placing photoscenery in FSX through latitude/longitude points

    FSDS 3.5.1 FSX Fs2002 gamepack It is fearly easy to place the centerpoint of a ground polygon in fsds but I can not find out how to place laitude/longitude points in the frame so the polygon can be resized/rotated to the right scale. The only method I can find out is to place boxes, say...
  10. fsisland

    Lost tutorial from Avsim

    Hi all. There was a video tutorial, about laying ground polygons in gmax, uploaded to Avsim yesterday or the day before. I tried to download it but failed because of the attack on the website. Do you know who's this file is and if it is possible to get it elswhere?
  11. fsisland

    Do you know this tower?

  12. fsisland

    DXT3 does not show up in Gmax

    Hi For some reason alpha channel, DXT3 texture files, do not show in Gmax so I have to add 32 bit textues in Gmax but use DXT3 in Fs9. Is that the normal way or is it possible to let the DXT3 files show up in Gmax (to make the process a bit easier :) Best regards, Kjartan.
  13. fsisland

    FS2002 gamepack and FSDS

    Hi. Does anyone know of instructions available anywhere on how to install the FS2002 gamepack for use with FSDS and Fs9?
  14. fsisland

    SBuilderX crashes to desktop

    Hi. I use the "quick and simple method" in SbuilderX to create custom ground directly from the background image, that is SBuilderX will take the images in the present workspace and automatically convert them into a custom ground bgl. When I try to compile the project to make bgl file I get...
  15. fsisland

    The _xtomdl_err.log file

    Well FSDS/FSX has endless problems. I just upgrated my system and it now runs on Windows Vista. I got the newest version of FSDS (3.51) and when compiling to mdl or bgl files I get the following error message: "Cannot find the _xtomdl_err.log file. Do you want to create a new file?" Is...
  16. fsisland

    No GuidToName information in FSDS 3.51

    I am now trying to make bgl file for FSX with FSDS 3.51. I have followed all instructions for the compile options and the regional settings but still get this error message: OutputFile: _temp.MDL Output file after modification: _temp.MDL Creating output MDL file: _temp.MDL error : Error...
  17. fsisland

    Want to join the project?

    I have been trying to lay realistic groundtextures to my evergoing Keflavik airport project but with massive problems. I guess my skills (if any) lay in building design. So I was wondering if someone with some knowledge in ground texture design for fs9 would be willing to join the project and...
  18. fsisland

    ds_tire texture in FSDS/FS2004

    Hi I am using the default tires in FSDS3 for some gates (ds_tire_p2.fsp). The problem is that the texture ds_tire.bmp does not show up in Fs2004 (see the picture below). I tried to place the texture in the sceneries texture folder and also on the fs main texture folder but it did not work...
  19. fsisland

    Fs Architect is now free!

    Fs Architect is now free! All licensing restrictions have been removed making the software FREE for all. You can download it here:
  20. fsisland

    Groundlayers and runways

    Hi I am trying to get the default runways in FS9 to be visible through custom made ground textures in Fs Architect but it seems not to be possible. I have tried all layers from 1-24. I think that the layers of the runways are 24. Can anyone help?