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  1. Helli

    Small Misbehave of GP-Editor

    Don When I "minimize" the GP-Editor window during GP-editing, it duely disappears. But I cannot "maximize" it again. It comes up corrupted and freezes ADE. I have to close it down, of course losing all my work. A normal person of course does not mimimize it before finishing, but I guess I am...
  2. Helli


  3. Helli

    FSX aircraft textures in Win7

    Hello I have 2 PCs, an old one with Win XP, a new one with Win 7 64bit. FSX (SP2) is installed on both of them, on the old one of course with bad performance. I downloaded two FSX aircraft which I wanted to fly. They fly on both PCs without problems. But on the Win 7 machine FSX...
  4. Helli

    Tutorial Thumbnails § Screen Capture

    Thumbnails and Screencapture in ADE9X ADE9X has a simple built in screen capture tool. This can be used to capture and save thumbnail images of library objects and generic buildings. The screen capture tool is available, whenever one of the two buttons "Capture New Thumbnail" or...
  5. Helli

    need some advice

    My expert friends! Could you please advise me where to raise in the open forum the following problem? A friend of mine suffered a severe virus attack on his PC. I finally succeded to clean them all out and all is running well again - except FS9. I did a deep uninstall, down to the text...
  6. Helli

    Landclass Visibility Problem

    Hello A collegue of mine contacted me with the following problem, for which I do not have sufficient experience to offer him help. Maybe someone here recognizes the problem. ADE was used to create the airport ETNL (Rostock Laage) It contains many landclass polygons with closely spaced...