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    FS2004 What airport scenery files are loaded?

    Hello folks. I need to update certain aspects of my scenery for ENLI Lista airfield. Addon scenery comes from a download of "Norap09" which covers most of the airfields in Norway and contains a host of files. I've loaded the files that obviously relate to ENLI into ADE9 but some of the detail...
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    Moving multiple objects

    Having selected multiple objects, how can I move them? Whichever one I pick on to do the move, all the others deselect.
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    FSX2FS9 Buildings Missing

    Hello folks. Having only recemtly discovered this tool I decided to give it a try. The airport I chose was MMAS in Mexico. The original FSX scenery files are MMAS cars.bgl, MMAS terminal.bgl, MMAS gas.bgl, MMAS various.bgl, MMAS hangars.bgl, MMAS planes.bgl, MMAS.bgl, MMAS_ADEX_FAG.ad3 and...
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    FS2004 No runways offered by "Go to airport"

    Hello folks. I have noticed that for airports that have been moved (with Prokey) or created from scratch by ASE for fs9, 'Go to Airport' only offers 'Active Runway' for a starting position. Selecting 'Active Runway' positions the aircraft at the airport datum point rather than a runway...
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    ADE and FS9

    Hello folks. I find references to ADE and FS9 on the forum but cannot find a 'download' for ADE that doesn't relate to FSX only. Is there an FS9 version? If so, where can I find it?