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    How can I change this

    I tried and got this result pretty quick, just have to select all the green area, then make it black-white and up the brightness and a bit of contrast: Of course you´ll always get a bit of quality loss when editing "baked" textures, so in my opinion best is to just ask the developer for a...
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    P3D v4 TU 144D

    This looks great, man. Keep it up! ;)
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    P3D v4 TU 144D

    Practice makes perfect. Keep it up! ;)
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    FSXA Dash 8 100/300

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    FSXA Dash 8 100/300
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    FSXA WhiskeyJet A220-300

    Are there any news? Has been a bit quiet lately... :)
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    FSXA Dash 8 100/300

    It´s me, Sven (The texture guy ;)) with a quick update about the Q100 freeware. Engines are now almost completed, here are some pics: As you can see I still have to work on the wings and then do some minor adjustments here and there, and also please remember that this is "just" freeware. For...
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    UNNT Novosibirsk airport "Tolmachevo" for FSX&P3D

    I just found this topic and It looks absolutely amazing, incredible work! Already looking forward to take some SBI 320s out of there ;)
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    P3D v4 Paint kit in blender

    Guess you´ll have to make a paintkit out of the textures you´ve mapped?
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    -RELEASED- Bremen International Airport | EDDW | BRE

    Amazing, I love it ;)
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    P3D v4 used gas

    I like to do that by using the brush tool and then a lot of try and error with the smudgetool (to bring the dot into the "cone" form and maybe stretch it out), blurtool (to hide the sharp edges/color changes) and erasertool (putting the erasertool opacity down to about 2-5% and starting to do...
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    Complete newbie, sorry ;-)

    I assume you have the Majestic paintkit. The majestic paintkit is a bit... more difficult... :rolleyes: So what I would do is to paint what I want to have on it (e.g. Your logo), put the layers ontop of all the base layers (Shadows, Dirt, windows etc.) And change the mode from "Normal" to...
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    Any news on it? I´d love to see this bird in the sim (even if it´s not too detailed from the systems perspective) ;)
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    P3D v4 TU 144D

    Beautiful, keep it up! :)
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    P3D v4 TU 144D

    I´d love to fly the bird, any news on it? :)