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    PWDT Let410 Paintkit

    Hi people, Anyone have or know where i can get the paintkit layered in PSD format for PWDT LET410 old but gold model?
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    FSX not sharpen!

    I don´t know if this is correct section for post this, but... look: This is my FSX "resolution"... very blur... and not sharpen... i´m delete and rebuild the FSX.CFG and nothing happens... What the ideal configuration on DISPLAY TAB into FSX and on the FSX.CFG tags for this? Currently my...
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    Hi people, im cant understand about brakes on AI Traffic... im want "but a brake more strong" on some planes, what i need to do? Sorry about the english.
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    FSX:SE Feelthere planes and simconnect

    Hi people, Im in WAR with Feelthere/Wilco planes and simconnect... my current war is "Legacy 600". Im already install "all simconnects" present on FSX-SE SDK folder, and the airplane log say to me: Simconnect is broken 0 FlightLoaded hr = 80004005 FlightSaved hr = 80004005 Paused hr = 80004005...
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    Exclude a object by GUID

    Hi people, Im here for ask if possible exclude a object by GUID! For example, im get a Caribbean airport, and the designer put a very larger light pole and im unable to delete (im not found the bgl with this bad object). I can ma e a exclude for "delete" a specific object by guid? Like create a...
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    Conversion and Contact Points

    Hi Arno, Im here for ask/show about two things. 1. Contact points With latest release of MCX, when im mark for see the aircraft.cfg contact points im get this: 2. And when im convert some planes (like OSP ATR or TFS A300B2) from P3D V4 to FSX or from FS9 to FSX, all going very good, but...
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    Turboprop Engine power

    Hi! Im tunning some FDE on turboprop aircrafts and have a serious doubt... [TurbineEngineData] fuel_flow_gain = 0.0225 inlet_area = 0.5 rated_N2_rpm = 37500 // 33000 static_thrust = 85 [turboprop_engine] power_scalar = 1...
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    Create or edit IAS MODE

    Hi friends, Im looking for make from scratch or edit a existent gauge, my problem is, im fly Cessna Caravan of Carenado and want make she climb in IAS mode, my idea is click and A/P follow the current IAS that plane cross at the moment. Im want create from a new gauge or edit the "GCCB!vs"...
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    Editing stupid AFX file

    Hi people, Im try to edit a payware "AFCAD" of SBGR scenery from TropicalSim, but these guys not only make wrong parking codes, but generate airport with AFX program... when i edit on ADEX... im get trees on midle of aircraft parking and ADEX tell me that 4 objects are not in library, these...
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    Sbuilder troubles with FSX-SE

    Hi people, I´ve 2 troubles using SbuilderX 3.14 or 3.15 v64bits with FSX-SE, the main trouble is "very very slow" if connected with FSX-SE (using show aircraft)... before in same machine with FSX-ACC im running ok. The second trouble is, when i create a polygon and mark as "exclude all...
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    Doubts and Suggestions

    Hi Arno, MCX is best thing happened on FSX and derivates :). Im ask about 2 questions 1. MCX can extract UVMap like the old ACM Aircraft Container Manager does? Since im working on some FSX models... ACM don´t work. 2. MCX can search automatic textures for complex airplanes? Like, 737 PMDG...
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    FSX:SE No Tools Menu

    Hi people, Im tired and very nervous with stupid FSX-SE, im forced to migrate from FSX-GOLD to FSX-SE due stupid and tragic right click freeze and now, after Wilco Feelthere E-Jets installation, Traffictool box gonna away and anything that i do, makes the menu back! The devil SDK is P3D...
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    Sbuilder on FSX

    What the logic of poly draws on Sbuilder for make a landclass? Im trying do a coastal city and my polys with beach sand not appear in whole extension... my hole polys not appear. What i do? Sbuilder have a logic for draw? Like... 1. Water 2. Land 3. Roads 4. Shoreline Like this...
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    Flytampa TFFJ tweaks

    Hi friends, What the hell, planes don´t turn at the "turnaround bay" on my "enhanced" afcad of TFFJ? Im move the runway for planes don´t make sea runway excursion, and after landing, all turn to right (10-28) and cross outside the airport and back to runway. Current troubles 1. Plane cross...
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    Runways markings faded...

    Hi people, Im make this scenery (SWTP) on ADEX... and my runway looks marking faded when i´m compile... whats happen? Tks
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    Troubles with ad4 file

    Hi people, All fine? The attached file, is ad4 that i´m saved from a SBSV scenery. The main troubles is - Low use of RWY17, after crosswind tech inserted. - HIGH number events of airplane turn into a CLEARANCE status and never pushback... stay on gate for 1, 2, 3 hours... start with one plane...
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    Some things on Sbuilder 3.14 (64bits)

    Hi people, im try develop the Teresina city, on Brazil (airport code SBTE), but have many problems... 1. When i dry a line as RIVER and try convert to Poly, the Sbuilder get error and close... and the river was very larger for do as poly... and how i can do for the river line have a large widht...
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    Thumbnails viewer

    Hi People, Over the years im using IrfanView for see image files, but i can´t see DDS or DXTBMP textures on this app, and the "TView" from dxt3bmp tools is very slow and outdated. Anyone have a suggestion? Im need see the FSX\texture folder in thumbnails... and win explorer or irfanview dint...
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    Big Trouble

    Hi people, I´ve a big trouble! I made in the past few airports, with very old EOD - Easy Object Designer, but now im lost original files, but i´ve the sceneries... my trouble is: - I can "extract" the building from a *.bgl file? - If yes, i can put on ADEX? I can convert for any modern ".mdl"...
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    EGT - engine gas temperature

    Hi people, Im flying the LET410 from PWDT but the EGT over a 850C... where i can edit for EGT have correct LET Walter M610 temperatures???