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  1. William123

    Best way to make Photoreal?

    Hi everyone, I just wanna know -if possible- about the best way to make aerial imagery? is it done only using SbuilderX? Is it the only option available? BTW: Is there anyway that you can get aerial photo from Google and Bing without SbuilderX? If so, is it legal? And how to do so? My other...
  2. William123

    FSXA Fitting stuff to sloped terrain model?

    Hi everyone, :) I modeled a sloped terrain for KTEX that fits the reality (sloped runway). However now I want to fit the other layers like: Pavements & Markings & Damages; to the sloped terrain without doing that manually (using slice tool and move tool...etc... So boring). So my question is...
  3. William123

    FSXA New 3D Grass technique??

    Hi Developers, :) 3D Grass techniques have been developed a lot since the grass now looks extremely realistic in some sceneries. There are some common ways and ideas that most developers use, like the first/original idea which is based on duplicating grass layers and raise them a little bit...
  4. William123

    FSXA gPoly wizard - Gaps issue

    Hi Arno: I'm using the latest development releases and I always have big problems of gaps (empty triangles) when using the gPoly wizard. BTW: Everything works fine in MCX stable v1.3 but not in MCX Development v1.4. I'm sure that the problem is not from my MDLs but in the program. Can you...
  5. William123

    FSXA Z-Bias in FSX Model?

    Hello: **** Sorry if this has been discussed before ... I didn't find an answer for my question **** Z-Bias parameter works perfectly with gPolys. However I'm wondering if they are working correctly with FSX Model?
  6. William123

    FSXA Attach a platform and export as FS2002 GP?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if the method written in the title works? I designed a sloped terrain and I want to attach a platform to it and export it as FS2002 Ground Polygon not FSX (SCASM not XML). Any ideas please?
  7. William123

    FSXA Is Autogen related to PhotoScenery or Specific Coordinates?

    Greetings all, :) I want to understand how AGN Files work. The title is my question. :( Are AGN Files related to PhotoScenery? This means: If you delete your Custom PhotoScenery, then the Autogen will disappear in SIM. Is this true? :eek: Or: Are AGN Files defined with Specific Coordinates...
  8. William123

    Get ImageTool.exe Path

    I'm wondering how to get Text content of TEdit from another Form? Because I need to get the path of ImageTool.exe in a Form and use it in another one, in order to use in a small tool I'm working on these days I have Button1 on Form1 which will show me a message that contains the content of...
  9. William123

    FSXA ImageTool produces .mip?

    Hi everyone, :) ****Sorry if this has been discussed before, I didn't find how to fix it anyhow**** ****Sorry if this is not the right Forum to post this**** I need to know why ImageTool produces .mip textures if I use a batch conversion from BMP DXT5 to BMP DXT1? :confused: NOTE: This only...
  10. William123

    FSXA Is FSXA compatible with Win10?

    Hi Guys, :) I downloaded the Windows 10 and I'm planning to install it to my local computer. However I'm afraid of this procedure :confused:. So I'd like to ask for your suggestions! :D I wanna ask a question: Will FSXA work smoothly on Win10? What about ModelConverterX, Photoshop, 3ds Max...
  11. William123

    Scenery Manager?

    Hi everyone! :D I'd like to ask a question. I want to make a Scenery Manager for an Add-on Scenery and I don't know how? :stirthepo I've already seen a payware Scenery Manager made by 29Palms, however it's too expensive for me and I'm not able to purchase it. I also saw a really good Scenery...
  12. William123

    FSXA Sloped Terrain?

    Hey Everyone, I'm new here in this community FsDeveloper :D:D I already managed to make Ground Polygons after following the tutorial of the year 2014, and I'm thinking to make a slopped terrain too using gPolys. I would like to ask which is the best way to make it: 1- To export the slopped...