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    FSX What Version of SimConnect Should I Have? What is ESP SimConnect?

    I recently purchased Air Alaska addon mission set. Had a SimConnect error on install. Install completed. I can run the interface and it launches FSX but after a minute or so my FSX does a CTD. I have worked with the developers extensively to see if we can resolve the problem. I appears to be...
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    Discussion thread for FXEditor. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    FSX What is the best or appropriate tool for making textured polygons?

    I want to work on some textured polygons, georeferenced to specific places to replace unlying texture with ground specific. They might be photographs, aerial photo areas or using other default textures. What is the best tool, or easiest tool to use for these purposes. IE I want to replace...
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    Google 3D Models - Sketchup Model - Copyright Question

    Can some of you folks give me advice on downloading models from the Warehouse and using them in FSX. I know that I can download and convert and use an object for my own personal use. And, in some cases I have been able to email authors about using objects and they are generally pleased to...
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    Converting Sketchup Models With Textures

    I have successfully managed to convert sketchup models that are downloadable as COLLADA ziped files which contain textures. When I download the *.skp files (where no COLLADA files are provided) I can upload that file into Sketchup but when I export those files I do not get any texture files...