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  1. Michel de Souza

    Nose gear doors animation problems in 3dsmax

    I'm having some problems when i animate these parts. After set the keyframes and animate it, they move out of the axis i pretended them to move. In red, the movement i wanted to make In green, the way it acually moves. PS: Local mode activated
  2. Michel de Souza

    Need some extra hands on KC-390 project.

    Hello guys, i`m working on a KC-390 for FSX and P3D. With the help of some videos from Milton Shupe i already did most of the external animations. Recently i started to make the UVW mapping of the model, but i need the help of someone with more experience os this stuff. I`m asking for help...
  3. Michel de Souza

    Glass texture for KC-390

    Hello guys, i'm working on a KC-390 model and i want to put a glass texture like on these photos. Is it possible, if yes, how can i do it? (Sorry for my bad english, brazilian guy here.) My project
  4. Michel de Souza

    Modeling problem

    Hello. I'm having some trouble when i export some 3d models from gmax. After make the export process, the model comes out like in the second picture, without a smooth shape. Also, i want to ask if someone can make a model of this SUU-20 bomb dispenser pod on the first picture. Just the pod...
  5. Michel de Souza

    MCX problem view mdl files

    Hello Guys, i`m having a lot of trouble when i try to see some fs9 and fsx models on MCX developer version. The fs9 microsim T-37 Tweet open on MCX with missing parts, most of the landing gear actually, and the aerosoft\flylogics F-5E open with a big landing gear