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    P3D v3 Strange question marks

    Anyone know what the question marks (and "a" at CAM01) in the ICAO column mean and what causes them? (Notice that CAM11 - CAM14 DON'T have them.) Thanks, :<Ron>
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    P3D v3 Can't find path compile error

    It's been a little over a year since I last used ADE and am getting a compiler error that I didn't get last time I used it. That complete path did not exist, (Temp1 did). So I created it and still got the error. Any ideas what I am doing wrong or changed? Win 7 -64...
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    P3D v3 Converting FSDS mdl to GMAX

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered before. (After looking for an hour I decided to just ask!) I want to inport a FSDS object into Gmax to animate it. (The only animated objects I have done that display correctly in P3Dv3 is the one I did in Gmax. All the FSDS mdl's rotate in exploded...
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    P3D v3 Will CAT work with P3D?

    I have used CAT to add conditional triggers for that work in FSX (with the help of tutorials by But I am having no luck with P3D. Models that work fine in FSX do not show up in P3D. Is what I am trying to do even possible with CAT? I am using FSDS v3.51 for...
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    Newbee AI Ship question

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    SDK-SP2 to SDK-Xpack

    Trying to get my tools option to show up. ADE Check shows: ADE Path: C:\Games\Airport Design Editor 9x ADE Install Version: ADE File Version: 1.47.07 ADE Info: Airport Design Editor 9x Version FXS installed: yes FSX Path: F:\FSX\ FSX Version: 10.0.61637.0...
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    FSX Autogen Disappearing problem

    Hopefully someone can help me. I want to delete a photo-texture pier at Catalina Island so I can add a 3D pier. See photo 1. I have used a tutorial by Luis Féliz-Tirado to change the coastline by using SBX and a virtually exact copy of his INF file. The resulting BGL works exactly as I...
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    Need help modifing a coastline

    I'm trying to modify a Catalina Island coastline from the Aerosoft Los Angeles X scenery package. The first photo shows the pier I would like to delete so I can add a 3D Object. This use to be done in FS9 by just editing the right BGL file. I have managed to remove the water with FSX KML...
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    Living World 1.2 Question

    I am playing around with Living World 1.2, have it working, and have a question: If I read the manual correctly, the LivingWorld.cfg file is the only file that the program will work with. Yet, it can only hold 10 objects/animations. That would mean only 10 moving mdl's can be used at a time...
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    FSX Crosses on top of Objects help

    In my quest to convert my California Missions scenery to FSX, I finally bit the bullet and learned enought Gmax to create some simple, crossed plane, plant objects. I've gotten the transparancy and display problems figured out, but have one, hopefully easy to solve. problem left. After...
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    FSX Help in converting FS9 to FSX Scenery

    I am trying to convert my California Missions from FS9 to FSX and am having 2 problems: I have spent DAYS trying everything I can find. First, I am using FSDS V3.5.1 and FSX SP2 1. ZBIAS. Can you use zbias in FSDS and FSX? ( I have seen conflicting messages on this - some say it can be...
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    Gerrish Gray's Trees in FSX problem

    Has anyone had problems with GG's trees partially displaying in FSX? On all of my sceneries, some show up and others don't. There does not seem to be any consistant pattern as to which display. I've done forum searches and can't find any other threads about this - is it just me? TIA...
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    Possible Exploded Objects solution

    This may be a red herring but... I've been playing with FSDSv3 for several days now - bringing old FSDSv2 objects in and outputting to EZ Scenery objects. I experienced the exploded objects problem mentioned in several messages on many, but not all, of my objects. (Objects exploded when...
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    FSDS v3 to .asm for CAT

    OK- I've successfully created objects in FSDSv3, successfully added animation, and converted them to EZ Scenery objects. (I do have the initial exploded objects (animated ones only) problem when first added in EZ Scenery until a FS9 reboot - but I figure that will be corrected at some point and...