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    Coordinate Converter issue

    do you realy really use this version This version is working for me. I just tested this. The decimal point or comma depends on your OS country settings i belive.
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    Coordinate Converter issue

    ... and use decimal point not comma.
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    Matching satellite scenery color to FSX 'native' scenery

    My This will help My Steps: 1. Open tmfviewer.exe. 2. load worldlc.bgl go to the location you want (Menue Jump/Lat Long..). 3. move cusor around and you can read at the Buttonline by "Value" the Landclass...
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    export geotiff from QGIS

    EDMA :-)
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    Model Converter X - Export Object Problem - FSX Library

    Hi Fern have you realized that ModelconverterX has two 3ds Formats to export? I have tested "3ds Max" export in ModelconverterX and i got the error in Gmax as i import the 3ds file. Then i try "3ds Max (old)" export in ModelconverterX and i can import to Gmax without errors and LOD seems also...
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    Unable to Import Any Format Except MDL

    The New Version: Starts without Error Thank you Wolfgang Augsburg Germany
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    Unable to Import Any Format Except MDL

    After some short Tests all Ex-Imports formats works without Errors
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    Unable to Import Any Format Except MDL

    If you wish I can do some more Import and Export Tests. Dae Ex-Import works fine
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    Unable to Import Any Format Except MDL

    Hi Arno Thanks for your excellent Tool just for your Information VisualC++ ModelconverterX I Get This Error Import Export Seams working.
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    Taxiway line width?

    This looks OK for me. Thanks for the example Wolfgang
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    Taxiway line width?

    May be its look small in Flightsim but i think its real World dimensions
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    Taxiway line width?

    Hi again! same Source as above 4.2. Taxiway centerline markings. a. Purpose. The taxiway centerline marking provides pilots continuous visual guidance to permit taxiing along a designated path. See AC 150/5300-13 for standard fillet design, AC 150/5340-30 for lighting provisions and AC...
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    Taxiway line width?

    Hi Tic 2.4. Runway centerline marking. a. Purpose. The runway centerline marking identifies the physical center of the runway width and provides alignment guidance to pilots during takeoff and landing operations. For lighting provisions, see AC 150/5340-30. b. Requirement. See Table 2-1. c...
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    FSX A little bit help with scenery problem.(finding default FSX tiles)

    Please look here: posting nr.7 vor step by step guide. I hope this will help.
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    FSX How to find specific texture

    Maybe this will help Look in "FSX Land Class Table by Holger Sandmann v3.xls" My Steps: 1. Open tmfviewer.exe. 2. load worldlc.bgl go to the location you want (Menue Jump/Lat Long..)...
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    C++ vector question for you...

    Hi DutchI am not a Programingexpert but - - - - - - - - - inline BOOL is_in_navaid(double Lat,double Lon,naviad_info *nv_info) { ^- - - - - - - may be there is an Er ori n the first Line and perhaps this have...
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    Step by step tutorial for 3d grass.

    i agree with Tom more Tutorials are not bad. Thanks!!!
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    FSX Help with Landclass editing

    Thank you Jim for the little quick tutorial
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    lights at san sebastian, leso

    Please take another to Look to the follow links: here search for "APPROACH AND RUNWAY LIGHTING" i can`t see there any ALSF-I lightning i think the information on the link...