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  1. norchie

    Please Help

    Good Day I have downloaded ADE a couple of times,but everytime i install i am getting this as per pic Please,can someone help me in what this is The ADE version i have downloaded is 165Full Your help is appreciated Thank you
  2. norchie

    Texture Question

    Hi All Made a texture and saved it DXT3 When i import in SU,the texture stays BLACK Any advise would be appreciated Regards
  3. norchie

    MCX-Please Help

    Hi all I am having issues since a couple of days ago,Googled and cannot get to the solution Please see attached log of errors.MCX makes the mdl file,but also LCX says unhandled exeption has accured ect ect..The MDL file is also 0kb Your input would be appreciated Regards Norchie
  4. norchie

    Help needed please

    Hi.. I downloaded WOAI installer,then installed a aircraft package,but no traffic is visible. My slider is also set to 100% Any help would be appreciated Regards Norchie
  5. norchie

    Please assist!!

    Hi Peeps Hope all of you are well? I require some assistance please I have made a building in FSDS,not textured it as yet,but whats the following steps to use it in FSX Which files must i copy and to wheir ect ect Your help is much appreciated Regards
  6. norchie

    Flight1 Instant Mission Maker

    Hey all, Anybody got an step-by-step tutorial for above mentioned. I just want to do a basic mission for now,but dont have a clue what to insert ect ect Your help would be appreciated Thanks
  7. norchie

    Runway Heading

    Hi Just a question,please see attached pic If i want to make an airport like attached file with that info,how do i determine the heading to enter in ADE,runway numbers ect ect ect Your help will be much appreciated Regards
  8. norchie

    Noob Question

    Hi I require some help please I have added an runway and Background image,how does one rotate the runway to match the background image runway? Your help is appreciated
  9. norchie

    Need Help

    hi i have install creator but i require help i want to download any airport from,then create an installer file Anybody willing to guide me on the process to follow? The directories once downloaded are correct If someone out their have an tutorial on...
  10. norchie

    Need help please

    Hi I am learning from a video walkthrough,but require some help on the files attached As per pic 1.1 is wheir i am,but how do i get what you see in pic1.2 Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  11. norchie

    FSX Scenery Design

    Hi Guys & Gals Hope all are doing well? I was wondering if their is anybody out their to help me with the following I want to start designing airports for FSX,but dont have a clue wheir to start Anybody can assist me with it,or is their a simple step-by-step manual for it i can download,or...
  12. norchie

    FSX New Airport

    hi first of all i just want to thank everyone for all their input in FSD I an a newbie,so please help if you can I want to create a new airport,but wheir do i start? I have FSX as well as ADE installed. I also saved the Google Earth image for this airport Basiclly if i can just get a runway...
  13. norchie

    Install Creator Help

    hi, i have freeware scenery for FSX which i would like to create as an installer with Install Creator I am using the following keys: ROOT KEY: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE KEY: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0 SUBKEY: SetupPath Once finished,i install,but the program is...