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    P3D v2 Helipad "Transparent" flag issue

    Hi all, we have a heliport file whose helipads were placed with the "transparent" flag since we have a photoreal overlay of the actual pads. The compiled bgl works as expected in FSX but in P3Dv2 the markings display. I've searched this forum and found a thread by Jon regarding runway...
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    SBuilderX problems, Vista64

    Hi guys, I'm setting up a new computer with Vista64 and I'm having difficulties getting SBuilderX to run properly. I've installed FSX (Acceleration), the SDK, and SBuilderX onto a separate drive (E), with folder names E:\FSX E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK E:\SBuilderFSX I've...
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    On manipulating the FSX terrain.cfg file

    Hi all, not surprisingly, the issue of manipulating the global terrain.cfg file keeps coming up. Below are my thoughts and ideas about this matter, meant to continue discussion and exchange of ideas and approaches for dealing with the cfg file. Primarily, I'd like to focus on design features...
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    FSX LandClass catalog and visual reference

    Hi all, I finally got around to cleaning up my draft FSX land class catalog a bit and have uploaded it to my server. The thread with the download link is here: Hope you find this useful. Let me know if you find any errors...
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    Land class memory "leak" gone?

    Hi all, today I used Filemon and Windows Task Manager (memory usage) for the first time with FSX, trying to figure out whether an empty texture folder in parallel to a land class add-on still creates a memory leak as it does in FS9. ... it appears it doesn't! FSX memory use remained pretty...
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    Landclass and Terrain documentation out

    Hi all, the days are getting shorter and it's time for a great read in front of a cozy fireplace so here's a suggestion: Compiling several years worth of work "under the hood" of FS, Joachim Buhre recently uploaded a documentation that describes the inner workings of the FS2004 landscape...