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  1. Jaeyo

    X-Plane Terminal Modelling

    i, I'm looking for someone to model a terminal for my upcoming scenery project for XPlane 11
  2. Jaeyo

    Scenery Marketing Services | DVD Box Renders

    Hello Simmers! I'd like to open a service where I will design a Software Box Render for your scenery. If you are interested in one of these for your sceneries - please Direct Message me Admins, if you deem this inappropriate, please feel free to delete this thread.
  3. Jaeyo

    FSX:SE SDK location for FSX:Steam Edition

    Hello. I have had to install FSX:SE on my new laptop as appose to the boxed edition. Where can I find the SDK?
  4. Jaeyo

    FSX JAQA Studios - Piper Warrior

    Hi, We need the following roles to be fulfilled for our Piper Warrior project which will be freeware Modeller This will be for XP10-11. If you wish to fulfil for the role, please Direct Message me Without your support, we cannot make such projects possible
  5. Jaeyo

    FSXA ModelConverterX .mdl saving as 0kb

    My FSX won't open the model file. Looking at this the model file is 0kb. It shouldn't be. Why is this?
  6. Jaeyo

    What regional sceneries do you want?

    Hello, We (JAQA Designs) are looking for some scenery ideas. If you have any that you would like to share with us and would like us to try and replicate. Please say below and we will try to make them. For a successful scenery we need: The Area name Any photographs or charts Any specific...
  7. Jaeyo

    What are your views on circular runways?

    Circular runways have been proposed in a number of countries This is the idea The Circular runway has been released to FSX and P3d What do you think?
  8. Jaeyo

    Am I able to change my username?

    Hello, Am I able to change my Username? VIAG
  9. Jaeyo

    FSX:SE My aircraft takes off in the wrong direction. Help!

    My aircraft I have created takes off so it thinks the right wing is the front. How do I fix this in blender? PS: I didn't know where to post this
  10. Jaeyo

    FSXA Texture issue with new aircraft

    I have made and mdl file and works fine in fsx. Just no texture. How do I add the texture? I have texture
  11. Jaeyo

    FSX ADE - How do I create a ground poly runway

    Hi, I wanted to create a custom runway for my upcoming project of the SABA island. How does one do that? PS: I have already created the ground poly