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  1. Billy Flores

    texture fail

    hello excuse someone knows why this happens in p3d v1.3 apparently distort the textures of terrain and clouds thank you
  2. Billy Flores

    coordinates view window custom project Fsx

    hello what I hope is great, my question is how can I do to see the coordinates and position of the windows in win 7 is to run gauges outside the sim and save the chosen position thank you
  3. Billy Flores

    Help photo scenery custom X plane v9.70

    hello good day there will be some software to create photoreal and mesh for X plane v9.70 since it is the one that I have destined in my machine that for X plane v11 there is ortho4XP it is very easy to use I would appreciate it if you can help me
  4. Billy Flores

    Nvidia sorround problem not apply option

    Good day, I hope you can help me I have a problem with the surround system of nvidia I have a 980 gtx card and 2 monitors of 70 inches in vertical mode but it does not let me apply or enable the surround option someone has passed the same and found the solution.
  5. Billy Flores

    10 views with multiple pc prepar 3D v4

    Hello very good day, I need your help to know how to connect 3 pc a server that contains prepar 3D v4 and two for the views I need to get ten screens in total but I do not know how to make that type of connection and neither what programs use and if all the machines have to have installed...
  6. Billy Flores

    Problem gauges

    hello good morning, someone could help me with the theme of the gauges it turns out that I have a small homemade cessna 182 simulator with a custom 2D panel in FSX it works for me as well as in prepar v1, but in these days I updated my simulator to prepare v4.3 and the 2D panel no longer works...
  7. Billy Flores


    Good morning, I have a question for you and it is possible to use two 80-inch screens on top of each other to create a single view on both, I've already tried it but when I want to stretch the window of the fligth simulator I can not extend it completely since the rest of the screen goes black...
  8. Billy Flores

    custom panel and switch

    Good day I'm starting to create a custom panel with swicht and encoder potentiometers etc so far, because the functions work great, but I've come to find a bigger problem when I want to program other functions, for example a push button for the warning ligth test or FADEC, horn mute, instrument...
  9. Billy Flores

    autogen problems

    hello good morning, I have a problem with a custom runway that creates with a 3D modeler happens when the input to the simulator worked well and everything but gives me a problem and is that I delete the autogen around it, some will have a solution . many thanks.
  10. Billy Flores

    help please with runway texture

    Hi, it's a pleasure to greet you, I have a problem with the texture of the runway of a scenario that I'm creating from scratch, the problem is that the texture of asphalt looks very stretched on the track and I do not know what I'm doing wrong, the track makes it with cinema 4D and then use...
  11. Billy Flores

    SAS.planet how to create photoreal for FSX

    a pleasure to greet you friends, I write to ask you a question about the SAS.planet program I want to use it to do some photoreal for FSX but I really do not know how to do them. maybe if any of you had some basic tutorial on how to do it and I wanted to share it I would appreciate it. have a...
  12. Billy Flores

    Tile server for sbuilderx march 2018

    good day, friends happened to ask you if you have a server tiles of Google Maps recently since the page sbuilderx was reviewing and since last year have not posted anything about it. I do not know if everyone has stopped using the program and now they do their photoreal with other programs. I've...
  13. Billy Flores

    grass model for library

    Hello friends of this great community, I spent asking if any of you will have a model bgl or mdl of grass for my bookstore fsx. I am creating an aerodrome and I want to put some grass and look for the majority of forums and I do not find any model. I thank them if anyone could support me. Have a...
  14. Billy Flores


    Hello friends of this great comudidad, my question today is if any of you know if it is possible to change the frequency of a default VOR of the simulator. And tried to do it with ADE but you can not modify and much less delete. This I want to do because with the scenario I'm creating is not on...
  15. Billy Flores

    Problem in objects

    Hello to all, firstly I present before you since I am new in this great community, I hope we get along very well. I want to ask for help in a problem that presents me with some objects that are placed on some mountains the objects that are placed are wind turbines, the problem is that when I...