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  1. jonmkj

    SODE not working!

    Bought a brand new PC. Was excited to get it set up, but now SODE isn't working and it has broken half of the scenery I use. I'm running the latest version of P3Dv4 Everything is installed where it should be. Everything is green and "registered", it's showing simconnect is installed properly...
  2. jonmkj

    Mesh "terracing"

    I'm getting the terracing effect that the SDK talked about in my terrain mesh that I've created. I've toyed with the FractionBits value, anything over 6 causes wild undesirable effects. Not sure about BaseValue, it doesn't appear to do anything... the airport elevation is at 2653 ft. / 808.7 m...
  3. jonmkj

    3D lights drawing order problems

    Hello all, was wondering if I could get some insight on an issue that is plaguing myself and a few other developers and hopefully solve it once and for all. When creating a 3D light such as one to be used as a runway light or street light, the technique I and others seem to use is to make a...
  4. jonmkj

    Mesh resample.exe issue

    Hi all, I've found some EXCELLENT mesh data for my area on the USGS site and have got it all converted to GeoTIFFs and ready to go with a .inf file. When I drop the .inf on Resample.exe, the box pops up and rapidly vanishes without giving me any sort of indication what went wrong. For...
  5. jonmkj

    P3D v4 Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) - Grundy, Virginia for FSX/P3Dv4

    Coming soon, it's Grundy Municipal Airport! The airport was built in the 1960s on top of a mountain flattened by coal mining near Grundy and Vansant Virginia. The hangars at the airport have long since fallen into disrepair but the grounds themselves are kept up nicely and the airport is still...
  6. jonmkj

    Unhandled Exception

    For some reason now when I go to right click and add a sculpt node, I get a message saying "unhandled exception has occurred in your application" This is what I see when I click "details": See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog...
  7. jonmkj

    Scenebuilder issue

    Hello! I've got an issue with the scenebuilder wizard in which the placement of the objects relative to one another and their original position are thrown off after creating a scene out of several objects (noticeable with fences that are supposed to connect to buildings, or sidewalks that are...
  8. jonmkj

    TS Pro Alpha V0.028 issues

    0.028 fixed the rogue flattens! I'm still having an issue with the elevation being off by a point after I save, close, and re-open which is a big hassle considering the next bug... It seems that when I triangulate and export, and make adjustments to triangulate again it will not do anything. I...
  9. jonmkj

    FSX GP Wizard suddenly acting up

    For some reason now when I convert a MDL to a FSX ground polygon, it's as if its losing all of the material settings I set in the MDL, for example everything has shadows now, including the semi transparent layers of the polygon.
  10. jonmkj

    P3D v4 Building shadows

    Hey y'all... got an issue here I'd like to resolve with the self-shadowing of my scenery objects. Up close they look fine but once you're at any sort of distance, portions of the shadows begin disappearing in strange ways until finally you can't see them anymore at all. Have a look and send some...
  11. jonmkj

    Scene Builder question (altitude)

    Is it possible for the scene builder to compensate for objects placed at different altitudes? For example, in a current project we have a nearby fire station that is at a lower elevation plus some powerlines that run downhill. At the time of creation, all of the objects were placed at "ground...
  12. jonmkj

    3D view

    This program is a really awesome concept, very useful for developers of airports that have small details in the terrain that wouldn't be picked up and represented well by available mesh data, or would react well with the requirement for flat airports. I have an idea though for a huge feature...
  13. jonmkj

    FSX Vehicles, and possibly static aircraft

    Hello everyone, I am approaching the community here at large to whip up a few quick things for me. I can model and texture architectural pieces all day long, but when it comes to more abstract shapes such as vehicles and aircraft, I am LOST. I just can't seem to get it to jive. So here's what I...
  14. jonmkj

    City night lights

    In a lot of scenery where a large area is covered, the city will have 3D night lights. How is this typically done? Are they effects or textured objects? How are they placed over such a large area? Just looking for some insight here, in case I want to branch out from an airport and include more...
  15. jonmkj

    Jonesville, Virginia - Lee County Airport (0VG)

    Part of a set, this little airport is represented by nothing but a runway and a default beacon object in FSX/P3D. It was built in 2002 with grant money from the state government but once completed was more or less walked away from. The terminal sits unattended, and the airport sees very little...
  16. jonmkj

    More P3D ground texture problems...

    So I determined that by selecting "hardware tessellation", it somewhat fixes my blurry texture issues, but at a cost. The textures are now all washed out... it isn't only my photoreal ground for the airport I'm working on here, but also all ground textures. This kills the 3D grass effect I...
  17. jonmkj

    P3D 2.2 Ground texture blurries

    I have a problem with P3D v2.2 where the ground textures seem to not be displaying at their max resolution. Also, checking or unchecking "land detail textures" doesn't seem to make any sort of difference. I don't have this problem at all with FSX, and the ground is nice and crisp. The picture...
  18. jonmkj

    *sigh* Gmax wont export

  19. jonmkj

    Windows 7 wont start on new computer

  20. jonmkj

    FSX Adding approach control.

    I know that it is simple to add tower and ground frequencies to an airport in FSX with any one of the various airport editing programs out there (ADE, AFX, etc.). Is it possible to add an approach control, and somehow define the boundaries of the airspace? An airport I'm working on has...