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    FSX Guayaquil Intl SEGU

    Is this project still alive? Thanks in advance
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    FSX HTDA Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

    Any news on this one? Thank you!
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    Windhoek - Hosea Kutako Airport(FYWH)

    Any news on this one? Thank you! :)
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    FSX Help us squash FSX bugs once and for all (Official)

    53) IK Jetways: The 'hook' that is supposed to lock the wheel geometry/assembly to the ground during animation has been broken since the release of FSX. As a result, animated jetways using the default 'inverse kinematic' system will have their wheels sunk in the ground, instead of having them...
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    FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Albybz, It is not very courteous to hijack the celebration of this amazing long-lasting project by Jetman by promoting your own work in his forum thread. ;) ----------- Congratulation on the Release, Jetman. Amazing work! :)
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    FSX ZGGG-Guangzhou Baiyun Intl Airport(W.I.P)

    Impressive work! Please consider tackling Hangzhou (ZSHC) next. That would make for some very pleasant domestic flights. Also, does ZGGG feature animated jetways (IK Ctrl+J, AES, SODE)? Keep up the, much needed, good work for China! Same applies to you, Linden.;)
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    FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Not even your standard "please make it for FS9!", Air Holland. I am impressed!;)
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    SODE Jetway Control

    *Sorry for asking here, but is seems to be the most relevant place at the moment* What is going to happen in regards to jetway animation for airport sceneries in general? Everybody is doing different things in trying to achieve the same goal. Would it be possible to come to some kind of...
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    SODE Jetway Control

    Very impressive Jeffrey! I really hope this becomes a serious alternative for AES, but that depends on developer support & utilization I guess. Good luck with further development of this feature!:)
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    XML/ASM/SCASM Expert- **Paid**

    Well, that was rather fast! Good luck with completing the Kilimanjaro project!:)
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    SODE Jetway Control

    Jeffrey, This is an impressive and much needed innovation! What you have accomplished so far (regarding SODE as a whole and this next step) is a very important step towards 'phasing out' AES as the only proper jetway implementation and reduce the community's dependency on AES. I would...
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    Frankfurt 2015

    We already have German Airports Team working on a version for Aerosoft and FlightBeam is developing an even better version for the payware market. Unless you will make it freeware, I don't see why we need a 3rd EDDF scenery But the modeling looks really good so far! Please consider redirecting...
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    FSX RealskyTeam Wenzhou Longwan Intl 2015x WIP (Freeware)

    That looks very impressive! In my opinion it is up there with high-end payware products. My advice: sell it to another Chinese developer/publisher like Celestial Team, Bridge Simulations, Dazzle Colour Game, Skysoft simulation, etc or partner up with one of those parties. Also, please consider...
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    FSX Durham Tees Valley X-HD v1.1

    Looks amazing! Is this freeware or payware? I saw your previous version, but I am unable to download it...
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    Kunming Changshui airport in the making

    Any news about this? Would you consider doing ZSHC Hangzhou after this one? Thank you! :)
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    New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

    Looking forward to this! Please don't forget support for Aerosoft AES :)
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    P3D v3 OMAA Fall 2016

    And what if you exclude the midfield terminal? It will be under construction until 2017-18 so there is no operational use for it until then. You could opt to only include the current parts of the airport with only the modifications that are being made to the old terminal. Sent from my Nexus...
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    PGSN Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport released

    Morten, Congratulations on another excellent high quality freeware release. Hop to see Kunming soon as well. :)
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    Who are the best FS Video Producers

    1. JRSchiphol (name: Jonah): he did contracted work for FlightBeam, FlyTampa, PacSim, IVAO, Transavia Virtual. Very detail oriented in his work, one of the best at the moment. 2. JerdooFlightX (name...
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    FSXA KLIA Kaula Lumpur International Airport

    Congratulations, Tic. It sure looks awesome! :)