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    Change name of texture

    Quick question: Is it possible to change the name of a texture from a certain aircraft .mdl before I export the mdl or libary in SAMM? Also: texture editing & night textures aren't available on FS9 models? Why is this? How to add a night map manually? Thanks in advance!
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    FSX Can't delete Default buildings

    I'm working on an airport and I can't figure this out: The default hangar buildings cannot be removed, but they only show under specific distances and angles. Yes, the exclusion rectangle is applied correctly. For example, And they're gone if I move the view a couple of degrees: Any...
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    IK Jetway Replacement Package?

    We all know the animated default jetway model and it is known for its erratic behavior. Like this: I have noticed this recent trend of more and more developers adding their own IK jetways to their products. It is quite the learning curve (with the rigging and the broken system) and I applaud...