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    FSX A question about Flaps

    Hello All, Searching the forums and the SDK it appears the use of flaps can be limiting. Does anyone know a way to have the ability to set flaps to a specific angle? i.e 15 degrees. As every aircraft is different and based on the aircraft config I am trying to figure out how to get it close to...
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    FSX MACH Speed Display Issue

    I am currently working on a C++ gauge with Doug that involves an autopilot. Although most of this portion is completed and working as expected, there seems to be an issue between the gauge input versus the display on the panel (via an xml gauge) with regards to the MACH variable . When the...
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    FSX Highlighting Text in C++

    Hello all, I have been working (more to the point "Learning") with Doug Dawson on a ELT/Direction Finding Receiver to learn C++ coding. It is really exciting to what we have managed to achieve with C++ over XML (truthfully would be hard pressed to go back due to limitations of XML) and I believe...
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    Three Way Rocker Switch Bitmaps

    Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone has bitmaps for a three way rocker switch they would be willing to share? I am looking of course for the up, center and down bitmaps for a project I am starting. Thanks for you consideration. Greg
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    FSX Access to Wx through Internet to XML???

    Hello all, Finding work is getting in the way of wrapping my head around Bob's TCAS interrogation loop as well as Autopilot and Flight Director XML, but have a few ideas flowing through my head, but waiting to get home where I can devote the time I need to figure out some logic to make a...
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    FSXA TCAS Question and Guidance

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    FSX Layer ILSs not displayed above 20nm

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    I need a nudge in the right direction

    Hello Swift39. I can't tell but did you get your alternate airport to work? Have you looked at F111's DAT49? I must be honest, I gleaned much from F111 Dat49.xml. I do not know from whom he learned but he did a great job of adding an airport. I didn't really need the military look so I made an...
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    Altitude Callout gauge

    Hi all, A member of my flight sim group had requested a simple gauge that would give callouts at various intervals at a press of a button. Using the example provided at the following thread: I created what I...
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    Navigation RADAR Released.

    Just wanted to say thank you once again to everyone that helped me get my gauge up and running. It was uploaded on AVSIM last night. I am satisfied with the end result of this version, although a few bugs exist, it functions as...
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    Range Rings

    Thought I would take a break from my Flight Plan problem and solve another issue to try and make me all warm and fuzzy. Of course who was I kidding... :eek: The first, quick question Can you have the Range Rings display in half miles. I have tried using a decimal point (ie. 0.5, 1.5 etc) and...
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    GPS to automatically create Departure Airport

    Continueing to work through some issues and was wondering if any one knows if it is possible to have the gps (aka my gauge) automatically assume the departure airport is where the aircraft is, without filling a flight plan. I am thinking it would be nice if I spawn at CYCW, can the gauge...
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    Nearest Airport Page issues

    Ok, windling down the known issues (Stress the Known). I have been working on the Nearest Airport Page function. It is not operating the way I intended it. It took a long time for me with the patience of rpmc, n4gix and taquilo to even get this going and now after at least fourteen hours of...
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    Changing Colour in Text Strings

    Hope everyone has settled into the New Year. I am currently debugging and generally cleaning up my Nav Radar. I have, hopefully, a quick question regarding Changing the background colour of a text string when it is activated. I currently have an option menu that allows you to change symbols...
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    FSX Having overlays always in front???

    Hey, I have continued cleaning up my gauge and noticed a problem. After activitaing a display, then pressing a menu button again, it is behind the display. Is there a way to always have a element or display in front no matter what is going on within the gauge? Thanks Greg
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    FSX Aircraft Layer no longer displaying

    Sorry just me again, I am continueing to debug and address some issues with my Multi-function Display. As I was cleaning up some button and display issues, i found that in the Traffic Radar page the Aircraft layer was no longer displaying, I can still layer the Aircraft tags, but cannot find the...
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    Tcas page

    Hey All Trip is going well except the weather. After doing some housekeeping on my radar gauge I have come to the TCAS page. Scrolling through the forums, it is realized that Doug Dawson's modified traffic.dll is the way to go...
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    Next Display Page - TAWS

    Thinking I would like to get this page working before i wrap up and head to work. This next page display is a TAWS display using Kronzky Fs9gps as an example. THe lay out of his is as follows: Macro: <!-- Find the next lowest x900 elevation (e.g. either 6000 or 6800 will return 5900)...
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    Map Panning????

    Just me again.... I have created another map in my gauge to mimick the FSX Map feature. All it does is display airports, NDB's and VOR's. I applied the panning code and after some grief with it flipping the map, got it working to where it will pan. The issue... you hit one of the pan buttons...