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    P3D v4 SBuilderX - How to add a night texture blend mask

    edit! Sorry got my mistake, works now! Thread can be deleted. Thanks
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    GP Wizzard and adding LODs

    Hello Arno, I´m wondering why it is not possible to add a LOD using the GP Wizzard for P3D? It only works in FSX/FS9 format. I´m asking because with adding LODs I was able to resolve issues with flickering GP in FSX and I would like it to do it in the same way in P3D.
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    Coverting FSX ground poly to P3D ground poly results in negative layers

    Hi, as the headline already said, I tried to convert a FSX ground poly to a P3D and there after all layer entries have a "-". Any idea what can this be caused? Thnaky you, Holger
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    PAPI´s with SODE

    Hi there, i there a guide how to create my own PAPI light with SODE? I haven´t found anything so far. To start I tried to place the PAPI from the SODE demo files to an airport. The placement works but no lights are working. I used the static PAPI housing. Is there something more to do?
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    Deleting inner lines without loosing textures

    To all the Sketchup experts. Is there a way to delete the inner squares and lines without loosing the textures? It is an dae model import. So far I only found a way in deleting single tiles. I´m searching for a one step method ;)
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    Which tool can open FS9 "vector bgl`s"

    Hello, I really don´t what the correct name is of such bgl files which includes the information where a bgl object is located. Instant scenery can open such FSX bgl`s but not FS9 ones. Does anybody know which tool can do this?
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    After editing a bmp file with GIMP SBX is not longer able to compile.

    Hello, after editing a bmp file with GIMP SBX is not longer able to compile. With earlier versions of GIMP it works fine but in the newer on there is no possibility to save the current work. You have to overwrite or export in bmp format. But in both case compiling is not longer possible with...
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    X-Plane objects - textures not aligned

    Hi Arno, do have an idea why this objects (static aircrafts) are not shown correctely in MCX? Each object has only one texture sheet and the textures are not aligned correctely. In X-Plane itself it works...
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    Editing an ground poly

    Hello, is there a possibility to edit an ground poly which is already compiled using MCX? If not, is there a different which can do this? Thanks in advance, Holger
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    Convert an objetc to X-plane

    hi there, I tried to convert an single FSX object to X-Plane bit it doesn´t work. The object has only one texture and I converted it to wavefrobt .obj In MCX I can load the obj. but it load without texture (dds). Texture and OBJ are in the same folder. If try to load the object in X-Plane I...
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    AI aircraft - main gear is not aligned

    Hello, I built a static aircraft from an AI aircraft. Everything is fine except for the main gear which is not aligned and point to the left. Is there a possibility to aligne the main gear? Thanks in advance, Holger
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    [SOLVED] Changing textures leeds to loss of animations (Gmax)

    Hello, I´m currently testing the new jetway sdk. For testing I use the gmax jetway model which comes with the sdk. When I change the textures of that model I loose the animation on the part of the model which I have changed the textures. How can I aviod this? And one second question. What do I...
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    P3D v2 Custom Ground Poly - Textures not found "TAXIWAY_MARKS"

    Hi, I want to add a few custom taxi lines. When I try to compile the Airport I get the message that the texture "TAXIWAY_MARKS.bmp" not found although I can select this texture when I add the texture to the poly. I tried some other textures (e.g gp_"Yellow_20F") and they worked fine. Any idea...
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    FSX Aircraft Exits and loading Jetway already extended

    Hi, I´m very new in SODE and already tested a little bit. I added my first SODE Jetways to an airport and so far most is working nice. However I have the problem that when I use the PMDG 737 that the jetway is not able to dock "Target Out of Leg Length Range". With the FSX standard B737 it...
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    FSX How to exclude a default airport fence?

    Hello! Is there a way to exclude the default stock airport fence with ADE (see pic)? I thougt it would not appear once there is a custom AFCAD installed. Unfortueately not as you can see on the pic. Thanks!
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    FSX Weird problem with the scenery.cfg?

    Hello :-) I dont know since when but i have a weird problem on many of my custom airports. The problem is (at least what I can see) that the default fence from the stock airport appears. So I have two fences my custom buillt one and the default one from the stock airport. According to my FSX...
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    FSX Standard Jetway - new GUID and Re-Compile doesn´t work

    Hello! I made a custom texture for the standard jetway. I just modified the original textures and I just want to use it for one single airport. To avoid that it appears at every single airport I load the standard jetway into MCX and change the GUID and the name. After that I made a model and...
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    FSX De-Compile a photoscenery bgl?

    Hello :) Years ago I built a nice photoscenery. I would like to darken the textures a little bit. Is there a way to do this only having the bgl´s? Thanks in advanced, Holger
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    FSX Apron illumination problems

    Hello :) I want to illuminate some areas of the apron with a effect. I already built a small invisible object and attached my effect at the center of the object. After placing it in FSX it looks very nice but unfortuneately in some angles the light (effect) disappears. For example when I move...
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    FSX define distance for a object apperance

    Hello everybody :-) Is there a way to define at which distance a custom made obeject appears? Thanky you very much, Holger