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    Copy and Paste

    Hello, I want to put dynamic lights on Eham. This quite some work as the airport is huge. Also the airport has different 4 AFCAD files depending on wind. Is there a way to do it on one of the afcad and then copy and paste to exact same position on the other Afcad files?
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    FMMI elevation problems

    Hello everybody Does anyone know how to flatten terrain around FMMI airport on native P3Dv4.4 Thank you
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    Strange Jetway behaviour

    I have these strange jetways behaviour at YBBN (ORBX) I tried to replace one of the original jetways by the default one using ADE but the result wasn't better. I also saw kind of strange behaviour like jetways turning upside down at other airport. Does Anybody knows where this comes from ?
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    So ugly !

    Hi All ! How can i get rid of these awful ground texture in P3Dv4 ?
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    P3D v4 Taxiway disappearing

    Hi everybody, My ADE file worked perfectly in FSX and when i use it in P3D4 some parts of the taxiway disappear leaving only the taxiwat lines. Any idea how to solve this ?
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    FSX COMPILING ERROR System error:

    Does anyone knows what's going wrong ? Thanks for your help when i look at line 329 it has really nothing special : </SceneryObject> below is the CompileHelper log and the xml file ------------------------------------------ Parsing document: C:\Users\SANOOK\Desktop\New...
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    FSX Aerosoft EHAM compiler error

    I can't get ADE to compile my Aerosoft EHAM afcad file. Even when i use third party AFCAD it won't compile . Looks like it is due to the Rwy 36L/18R which is far from the airport. I attached the Log_01.tx1 Thanks or your help ---------- Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the...