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    Sound effect starts with an animation

    Hello I want to add a sound when an animation starts for a hangar door. I've read MS SDK and how to place a trigger for animation but how to link effect with the same animation trigger ? The trigger I want to use is the parking brake and a bounding box for location relative to hangar. Can...
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    Events with multiplayer aircraft

    Hello I have to try, but could you tell me if a condition is valid for a multiplayer aircraft the trigger will be on like with the normal aircraft ? Same question with AI aircrafts. Bye
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    Hello Where I could find the ag_tree_lib please ? I've used the 1.1 version but I've seen 1.2 in some discussion and maybe the last version is more recent. Bye
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    Batch processing with alpha included

    Hello I'm looking for a little software to convert bmp base textures with alpha textures resampled with TerraBuilder in dxt1. I have 2 folders and I have to mix the resulting files. FSTextureConverter seems to be the good one, but I cannot obtain the alpha channel in the DXT1 bmp file...
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    limitation of mdl tweaker

    Hello First, Arno, thanks a lot for your very helpful tools. :) I've a problem with mdl tweaker. When I try to modify a mdl file (about 600-700ko) the software never complete the tweak. Is there a limititation or it's a bug or I made a mistake ? The new file stay at 0ko. It's ok with...