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    Help th real world pilots!

    Help the real world pilots! Hi! Here in Germany the government plans to make a general Flight restriction for any VFR traffic during the FIFA world cup. The plan to create 30NM restriction zones around the Stadiums all time. This will inhibit any successful cross-country flight as well as...
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    Conditional display problems

    Hi! I wanted to make a hangar with doors that open depending from distance. Now my doors only work partially. They are displayed open and half open but not closed. here is the code: ;-> Animations ; ---------- ; ; IfVarRange( :Anim000 033b 0 49 ) :Anim000...
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    Where are the trees?

    Hi! I want to create a little bit autogen over my photo-scenery i created with Sbuilder. I flipped the textures and the houses seem to appear at the correct position, but i cant see any trees i created. What could be the problem. Maybe something with the layers. Hekto PS:where have the agn...
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    Sbuilder Problems

    Hi! I tried to make a photo scenery with Sbuilder. After compilation i got only the bgl. I found some bmps in the work folder and put them into world\texture as i read in another thread. Although i got no result in FS. Could somebody please give me a short description where to put the files and...