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  1. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 News from Hamburg

    The Inner and Outer Alster are truly the heart of Hamburg. Here is the 3D scenery of both lakes for the P3D V4+ - and the best thing is, the download is free for registered SimDocks-users! The product page and the download will be activated on 10.4.2020 at 00:00 UTC on As a...
  2. Fischkopp

    Béziers-Cap d'Agde Airport (LFMU)

    I endorse the above comments. Well done.
  3. Fischkopp

    The RJAA P3DV4 Narita Airport I'm developing, Share some pictures

    Whow very detailed! Good Job!
  4. Fischkopp

    FSXA The commercial of my works

    Well done, good job!
  5. Fischkopp

    Project 2019: Port of Hamburg

    Not that anyone believes the project of the Hamburg harbour has fallen asleep. After a few months break - I wanted to build ships instead of buildings again - the project is now going on. So today the museum and event ship "Cap San Diego" has taken its berth at the Überseebrücke. Here now also...
  6. Fischkopp

    Task force supplier of the German Navy

    From now on the FSX version of the Task Force Suppliers can be downloaded from the download area of the SimDocks website (registration / login required). This version was compiled with the FSX SDK and can also be used in P3D versions 1-3.
  7. Fischkopp

    P3D v3 Global AI Ship Traffic FSX and P3D

    The textures and lighting look very realistic. Very good work Henrik
  8. Fischkopp

    Task force supplier of the German Navy

    As it turned out, the ships have 2 propellers. So the animation of the propeller water was wrong. I have now corrected this and modified the FX file accordingly (see picture). The new FX file can be downloaded in the filebase of the SimDocks forum (registration / login required). For the update...
  9. Fischkopp

    Task force supplier of the German Navy

    And again there is an AI ship for the P3D V4+ (the version for FSX and P3D V1-3 will follow later) for free download (registration and login required) . This time it is the 3 task force suppliers of the German Navy. As a foretaste here is a short video of the models in the P3D V4. All further...
  10. Fischkopp

    Create your own AI ship traffic

    Hello, Toperillas, there's no telling what Monday that ship will leave. I assume that the next Monday will be taken as the starting date, but that is not certain. It also depends on the system clock. Since the system only works with weeks, no exact start date can be determined. If the route...
  11. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 Next cable ship "Nicola Tesla"

    The "Nicola Tesla" is a working vessel that mainly lays power cables from the offshore wind farms to the feed-in points in the power grid on land. The model is very detailed, has static and dynamic lighting, and the download (for FREE for registered and logged in users) includes 38 routes...
  12. Fischkopp

    SimDocks surprise in January!

    From now on, the previous SimDocks payware scenery "Birds Air Route" can be downloaded for free from the SimDocks website for registered SimDocks users (but donations are still welcome ). The addon actually consists of 3 sceneries (Puttgarden on the German island Fehmern, Rødbyhavn on the...
  13. Fischkopp

    P3D v3 Global AI Ship Traffic FSX and P3D

    Very nice and detailed ship Henrik It is the same class as my task force supplier "Berlin" of the German Navy whose publication is forthcoming
  14. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 Deep sea cable ship “Werner von Siemens”

    Faster Internet? All just a question of money :eek:
  15. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 Deep sea cable ship “Werner von Siemens”

    Submarine cables connect the world! Digitalized data and electrical energy race through the sea in submarine cables. A vast network of high-power submarine cables carries vast amounts of telephone calls, delivers cable television and provides fast Internet access. The world is growing together...
  16. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 SH Malta Complete - RELEASED

    Apart from your great scenery Rainer, I also find very impressive what Holi conjures up in flight-AI-traffic :wizard:
  17. Fischkopp

    New AI ship for sim oceans

    Thank you lionheart. I'm glad you like the ships. Even more can be found on the SimDocks website
  18. Fischkopp

    New AI ship for sim oceans

    7 new ships for the North and Baltic Sea On the SimDocks website there are now 7 new ships (3 models in 7 liveries) for the North Sea and Baltic Sea for download (registration required). These are RoRo vessels of the MSG-113 class used by Finnlines and DFDS. Further information can be found on...
  19. Fischkopp

    Hurghada Airport | HRG | HEGN

    Like Bremen, Hurghada looks incredibly real again. Excellent work.
  20. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 Project Africa

    I tested Egypt with the Suez Cannel and ship Traffic. Works wonderfully. Great work.