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    SbuilderX Error on update

    I installed the 314 update and now SBuilderX wont run. I get an error about a runtime error. see enclosed screen shot. What did I do wrong? I have a terrain.cfg thats by Orbix that did work, now it doesn't. Also I have a copy of the terrain.cfg that Louis Sinclair worked on, I believe that is...
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    FSXA Planes showing red in the list

    I have two aircraft that are persistent in showing red. I can substitute to the same textures and they go black and stay that way until I save and exit. Here is a list of the two in the aircraft.cfg and the aircraft.list and the texture titles. [fltsim.5] title=Boeing 737-800 Delta Airlines...
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    New traffic file

    I am attempting to start a new traffic bgl and I have the aircraft chosen and installed. I start attempting to choose the airports and click the drop down for the airports and select the "edit/add airports and i insert one of the airports in the IACO and click open. I can't see anything to or...
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    FSXA Toggle "Exclude all" Areas

    I installed 1.55 beta, Jon, and it took a while to find the "exclude all" areas at some airports especially the UT airports. When I toggle them on they stay on ( Showing) and I can't find a way to turn them off. Also, did the parking offsets make it into this version? I haven't look yet but I...
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    Fuel Truck Woes

    If you are trying to get a fuel to go across the airfield to service some parks and it gets to one place and stops and just will not go farther? ...... And you are ready to throw that sucker to another airport 50 miles away? ......... Well ........ I have an answer for you. In ade, the fuel...
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    FSXA AI Parking Offsets

    Has anyone prepared a list of aircraft parking offsets for fsx? I have searched and searched for one and can't find one. If anyone has offsets for small, medium, and large tube planes, I would like to have a copy. Thanks
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    FS9 Model converter to FSX

    Is there a way to convert FS9 ai aircraft to FSX so that it will activate the Jetways and other functions? How can this be done?
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    FSX Runway Strobes

    I'm trying to add strobes to the runway ends at MKJP as they are in life. I tryed to do this before and they wouldn't take. What strobe I'm adding is the SALS. Am I doing something wrong or is there an exclude at this airport? Thanks .....
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    ADE and Fuel Square Placement

    Hello Jon, I know I have done this before but can't for the life of me remember how I did it. I have the xml for a fuel square but can't seem to remember how to place it. Thanks Joe W.
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    Autogen from OpenStreetMap data with scenProc

    Discussion thread for Autogen from OpenStreetMap data with scenProc. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Two Problems for now

    I'm trying to learn SketchUp and have 2 problems. I have applied some of SketchUp's textures on some parts and can't seem to be able to figgure out how to remove them. Also the Dimensions seem to not work as implied. I draw an object in 2d and choose a side and click the move , pull it in that...
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    SDK HTML's

    I seem to be losing my SDK HTML's and I have uninstalled the SDK and re-installed. I had to install the sdk then the SDK SP1a. But I still don't have the mtml's that are in each catagory. Can someone tell me how to extract just the html's? Thanks Hoe W.
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    FSXA Gmax error

    I'm getting an error in Gmax! "Exporter Warning" "There is an explicit OBED scaling Prepended to this object. It should not be there." This occurs when I export the mdl out. All I did was change the Z-Test setting. It adds a few more bites to the mdl but seems to do no harm as the mdl works...
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    FSXA Transparences

    I have searched and can't find anything on this. I'm trying to make an object with tranparences as in trees or windows. I know it's something I'm not doing in Gmax because I have used textures that I know work (I used some from other people that I renamed) and they are not transparent. What am I...
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    FSXA File Formats for DEMs

    I have a addon for Google from USGS that shows DEM data. I can see the colored elevation data and there is a way to screen out all but what you want. When I download it the zip has a file in *.ASC format. What can I use to convert it to something I can use for FSX? Should I just remove this...
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    FSXA A couple of questions

    I'm still working on that Jamaican - Cayman scenery. I am attempting to redo the coastlines with this tool. I have never used it before. 1- Can I make a hole in a hole polygon? 2- How do you stop GE from rolling over and over? 3- What would keep a holepoly from working? 748 vertices...
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    FSXA Thermal Trigger, Ridge Lifts

    I am trying to find a thermal or\and a ridg lift for scenery. I know a thermal is similar to the fuel square but I can't find it in the SDK. I have a generic fuel square but not the thermal. Could anyone show me a Thermal\ Ridge Lift trigger? Thanks Joe W.
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    Floating Buildings

    Has anyone found a cure or fix for this? Every airport in FSX is plagued with this.
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    Moving an airport

    What is the best way to move an airport? I'm working on the airports of Jamaica and have one I have to move a good bit. see below: The circle is where FSX has it, The arrow shows where it should be. Thanks Joe W.
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    FSX Oil spot with the park

    I am doing some airports in Jamaica and some need moving. Negril (MKNG) is one that I have moved. The oil spots at the parks persist in being above ground (about 2 feet) and not next to the park. I have changed them to GA medium, GA Large and they are still the same size. I have altered the T1...