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    Default Windsock Pole Length and Color

    IMO The default windsock is ok and serves it's purpose, but the pole is huge and looks bad. I recently tried to set the default windsock's pole length to 0 or the color transparent. It seems ADE limits the windsock's pole length to a minimum of 1.0, and the color section in the windsock xml...
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    Voice Actors Needed For Copilot Sound Packs

    Hello! I'm looking for volunteers to lend their voices to act as copilots for several sound packs I'm putting together. These sound packs will compliment a "virtual copilot" profile I created for a program called VoiceAttack. VoiceAttack is a very neat program that allows you to control your...
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    Project KXNA

    Hey guys and gals! My name is Jack, and I am currently working on KXNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport located west of Bentonville, Arkansas. I would like to call it KXNA 2017, but as of right now, it's just Project KXNA. As some of you may already know, a very nice freeware of this...
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    Animated Jetway

    Hello everyone, I'm recreating KXNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. If you would like to see pics and stay up to date with this on-going project, please refer to this thread... Anyway, one of my future concerns...
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    Strange Phantom Buildings

    As I'm getting closer to finishing my airport project, I've encountered another setback. I tried loading some custom buildings. They were bgl files, so I imported them. Later, I decided to not use them, so I completely removed them from ADE. Once I was satisfied, I compiled as usual, and flew...
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    Altitude of Assets

    Hey everyone. Yesterday, a friend asked me to place a runway north of Kathmandu, in a valley located a little over 18,000 feet. I placed a 3000ft snowy runway there (on a flattened ground poly), along with some airplane wreckage and some tents. When we went there, the runway was fine, but the...
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    FSX ADE Parking Not Working Correctly

    For the past few months, I've been working hard to complete an airport project that's very important to me. For some reason, when I spawn into the airport, whether or not I use the parking spaces or runway spawns, it spawns my aircraft in random locations. I've been using ADE for quite some...