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  1. Oldguy19

    FSX:SE Object control

    Hi all you expert out there; :wizard: I'm trying to get a object to appear at a specific time and place and for a few seconds... I know how to control the effect (using a xml file) , but not the objects :banghead: I read that using SODE it can be done. Is there another way to do this. Or SODE...
  2. Oldguy19

    FSXA Question about Hierarchy

    Hi all; I am trying, for first time, to do animation with MCX, and have enccountered a problem ! As a test; 1=i try to make a UFO fly around 2= i try to make UFO rotating. My testing in MCX both objects work fine, but in FSX the rotation does not work but the flying work good. I put my .BGL...
  3. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 View in MCX

    I have a Library with 13 objects in it. When i check them they all show up except there is one that do not show in the screen (screen is blank/empty) and one that is to close (i have to zoom out). When i am on the that object ( that do not show up ), I have to click on [ reset view ] then on [...
  4. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 Cannot choose P3D4 in option ?

    I have the latest version of FXEditor and dont have the choice in «option» to choose P3D4 ! Is this normal ? Cause i have a probleme with the effect " fx_lightning01" not showing as i set the time and place in P3D4 But it work perfecly in FSX !
  5. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 Effects parameters

    How do i add parameters to an effect ? I want to add the time and date that an effect appears.
  6. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 Trouble with scene by default.

    Hi all; I have a problem with WADB scenery by default P3DV4 With all aircraft Postion : LAT S8' 33.19 E118'41.76 CAP 136' If you turn around ( slew mode "Y"), everything is OK If you advance a little, the runway disappear ! Position : LAT S8' 33.21 E118' 41.78 If you turn around (...
  7. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 How to export ?

    Hi; I do i export some scenery from FSX / P3D into Xplane ? I create some small scenery for some freinds of mine and one of them has Xplane11, so what do i need to export from MSFS to XPLANE ? PS: i do not have Xplane...
  8. Oldguy19

    FSXA Effect not repeting !

    Hi all; I'M trying to have and effect to repeate itself but in FSX it show only once. The explosion occures only once and the fire is ok it is showing all the time. i'm using a controler i need some help, i'm out of idea
  9. Oldguy19

    FSXA Center line not showing

    Hi, I have a probleme with the center line (yellow) not showing on the runway in FSXA. But it show good in ADEX. But i notice that the runway in ADEX is by default is 115ft and in FSXA it is 117.5ft ! I try with flaten (lower or highter) but have the same result. I have ORBX global and...
  10. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 XPlane11

    Hi all, Is it possible to use a effect from P3DV4 (xxxxxx .fx) and transform it for XPlane11 ?
  11. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 Quick question ?

    Hi; Is there a way to transfer a flight plan (.pln) in Google Earth ? So i can check if there is something special on the way i could create or add !
  12. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 AIBTC

    Hi; i create my scenery in FSXA with ADE and use AIBTC to do boat traffic, so far everything is OK in FSX. i take the scenery file (.bgl) that i created for FSX, and put it in P3Dv4 and all the objetcs show up where i put them, same Lat/Lon in both Sim. but when i put the traffic (.bgl) that...
  13. Oldguy19


    Not sure where to put this thread ! I have a bug with AIBTC boat traffic that show up only part of the routes . Say; i have a file with 2 Airports, A & B around 100nm apart. And have created 10 small sceneries all along the route with ADE. Up at this point every thing is fine. Now i have 1...
  14. Oldguy19

    FSXA How to change coordinate in FSX

    Hi, Is there a way to force FSX to show the coordinate (shift+z) from W068 21.880 to -68.36466
  15. Oldguy19

    FSXA Force a reload scenery.

    Hi, Using AIBTC, i did a couple of maritime traffic for different island (4) not to far apart (each island as it own scenery.bgl and traffic.bgl) and when i start to fly from one island to another island, the boat traffic of the second island does not show up but the scenery is there, the only...
  16. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 Fuel truck

    Hi; When i call for the fuel truck «Shift F», at any Airport; it always tell me that " there is no fuel truck at this Airport." Even if i create a scenery with fuel truck taxiway . (i created a scene with the truck working in FSX but in P3DV4 it does not work.)
  17. Oldguy19

    P3D v4 Questions ?

    Just installed P3DV4 and seems it is working good. Question ; 1 = Do i need a new FSUIPC, i have FSUIPC4 2 = I try to call fuel truck and it tell me there is no fuel truck at this Airport ! but i try different Airport and different parking place and it say the same thing... 3 = i cannot get...
  18. Oldguy19

    FSXA Fuel truck stop

    Hi all; It is a couple of day that i try to get the fuel truc to come to the airplane at a small gate. When i call, it back up and start to move then just stop ! I don't know what i am missing ! i join 2 screen shot and .AD4 file. Could someone tell what i do wrong.
  19. Oldguy19

    FSXA File Priority Analyzer

    Hi; I have a problem with [ file priority analyzer ] , don't know if it is a bug or just me? I can scan all the Airport by default in my FSX but non of the Airport in the addon section (all those that are not in FSX by default, even if they show up in ADE) ? I have FSXA- window10- ADE...
  20. Oldguy19

    FSXA Controling a object

    HI; Is it possible for a object to show up at a specific time and dissappear say a couple minutes later... I found in the SDK how to control a effect but not a object ! :(