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  1. anuj

    Create PAPI 2L using AFLT

    Hello Members, I am bit confused creating PAPI 2L lights using AFLT for my new project. I have tried to use VASI-2 and VASI separately but unable to get one white and one red light in glide slope, while its showing both lights as white or red based on glide slope angles. I have re-checked, my...
  2. anuj

    Increase AFLT Beacon Flash Rate (Resolved)

    Hello Team, I have created custom REIL Strobe light for FSXA and is working fine in down, dusk and night time . I have selected Beacon with white color (using custom Colors.txt setting) to get it working. I am getting 60 flash per min as per default application setting. Is it possible to get...
  3. anuj

    FSX ASM Tweak Document for Beginners

    Dear Friends, I need to create custom blinking strobe runway end identifier lights for FSX similar available in FSX default airports. I am looking for any document covering entire procedure to create custom BGL Light using ASM tweak (with example) for beginners. There are very good document...