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  1. ras78

    FS2004 Sbuilder seasonal problem

    Hello, I've created a VTP Photo Scenery with SBuilder9 with all seasons available. The bgl and bmps are created correctly, but I've a problem as during fall, the texture of winter are loaded. Same behavior for spring. With Summer I've no problem. Obviously the texture are correctly colored for...
  2. ras78

    Multiple conditions

    Hi guys, calvert at least! I've been able to model my 3d approach lighting system and I used the svisibility module to tweak my light in order to let them appear in low visibility conditions. I've also tweaked the asm in order to get the ligths on during night, dusk and dawn. This is the code...
  3. ras78

    Separation plane calculation

    Hi, this is the asm code for the first light of my calvert: SEPARATION_PLANE PrimaFila, 21062, 0, -25101, 14524612 BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_NAV, 0.008, 3.488, -886.512, 20, 0.60, 0.40, 0FFD4CE86h, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000 ; source poly num = 1 PrimaFila label word The runway heading...
  4. ras78

    FS2004 Calvert poles

    Hello, before begin modeling the approaching light system of the airport I'm building I would need some technical specification: is there a document that provide the height and dimension of approaching lights pole? what you guys usually do before modeling these kind of elements? thank you
  5. ras78

    FS2004 Sbuilder VTP photo file location

    Hi to all, just a curiosity: when I create VTP photo poly with SBuilder, I place the .BGL fil into my \Scenery folder and the .BMP in FS2004\Scenery\Texture. I noticed that on payware sceneries such Flytampa one, the bitmap are within the scenery's \TEXTURE folder. If I do the same, FS2004...
  6. ras78

    FS2004 Tweak on winter texture

    Hello, I would apply a winter texture on my model and another one for the rest of seasons. This is my tweaked code: TEXTURE_LIST_BEGIN TEXTURE_DEF TEXTURE_AIRCRAFT , <255,255,255,255>, 19.423256, "RUNWAY_D.BMP" ; 0 TEXTURE_DEF TEXTURE_AIRCRAFT , <255,255,255,255>...
  7. ras78

    FS2004 Export to FS cause crash

    Hi, in my scenery I'm still using SDK2002 for groundpoly and further 2D elements. As I feel very comfortble to play with this SDK I tested the export of a simply 3D element (cube). Once exported, when I run FS9 it crash. I noticed that this does not happens if I uncheck the "Crash" option in...
  8. ras78

    Polygon outline

    Hi, I created the main shape of my runway as a polygon. Now I would add the detail of edges so I thought about create an outline polygon for each border. Basically I would do this: As it's since two years that I do not model anything with GMAX, maybe I forgot something. Any help...
  9. ras78

    FS2004 Groundpoly bleed

    Hi! I've a strage problem in my scenery. First of all I have a LWM flatten set to 69.8m which is the airport elevation. I created a 2x2 grid in Gmax, appliyed textures and tweaked (layer 8) as groundpoly. Loaded FS, all ok. Then I created a rectangle as a roughly runway, exported and tweaked...
  10. ras78

    FS2004 Autogen objects... where are you?

    Hello again! I'm pretty close to crete my first photorealistic scenery. With SBuilder I created VTP polygons and added lots of autogen objects (most are trees). Any idea why they do not appear? I have no further bgl elements, no exclusion, large objs... and the settings of autogen is on...
  11. ras78

    FS2004 Approaching lights error

    Hello this is the SCASM code of my runway: ; ENRA Area( 5 N66:21:49.7326 E014:18:05.5511 12 ) LayerCall( :lblLayer 24 ) Jump( : ) :lblLayer Runway( N66:21:49.7326 E014:18:05.5511 Altitude 69.8 Heading 320.0 Length 2857...
  12. ras78

    FS2004 Help with approcing lights

    Good day, with FSSC I'm trying to create the light system of my airport, ENRA (Mo I Rana, Norway). I cannot understand what kind of approaching light I should use in AFCAD. Have a look at this: The chart mention only Plasi and something more as green lights at end of runway...
  13. ras78

    FS2004 Autogen custom objects

    Hello! I'm wondering if would be possible to create a library with custom object, and place them into my scenery with Autogen. As I've to place several of these building, do it manually one by one might takes weeks! thanks a lot!
  14. ras78

    FS2004 Landable runway?

    Good day, I'm planning to resume model again and the airport I would create have a runway which extend itself for 100m over the sea. Instead of modify coastline wioth VTP I would prefer to create a model of the extented surface, then place my gmax groundpoly. Which is the best way to achive...
  15. ras78

    Level of detail creation (ASM tweak)

    Discussion thread for Level of detail creation (ASM tweak). If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  16. ras78

    Merging tweaked asm files

    Hello! would be possible to merge two different tweaked asm files into one? For exalmple, I have a building with lights that should be visible only at night and also the winter texture. So I would export first the model and tweak for the winter texture, then I export the lights and tweak the...
  17. ras78

    Separation plane and calvert

    Hello guys I'm building a custom calvert approach with lights and poles. If I would keep lights visibile from onse side I should use the separation plane right? But have I to set a separation plane for each "row" of lights? thanks! alberto
  18. ras78

    FS2004 Hiding threshold white arrows (almost solved!)

    Hello guys! I'm still struggling with a problem. I just wanna hide the displaced threshold white arrows in my scenery. First of all I created the groundpoly which are on layer 8, then I placed an invisible runway made with scasm in order to let the lights appear above the groundpoly. All ok...
  19. ras78

    FS2004 LOD question

    Hello guys I would apply the LOD tecnique to my model but is not clear what should I do. I exported, keeping source files, my three models. In this way I have the first xxx.asm files and xxx_0.asm, xxx_1.asm, xxx_2.asm. The tutorial say to hack the main wrapper file, but in my case which...
  20. ras78

    FS2004 Animation over 1024 frames, a question...

    Hello guys I just read the wiki article about animations over 1024 frames and I've a doubt. The tweak just only extend the number of frames of my animation? if I don't twwak the asm files I would obtain a very very quick moving object correct? Instead if I tweak them, my animation would be...