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  1. Alex753

    P3D v4 Vario Design - Elmira Harris Hill soaring corporation (New York, USA)

    Hi ! After few issues working with the GP I'm happy to show you another little airfield I'm just done with : Harris Hill soaring corporation in the New York state. Just went to see some friends that were flying there last month and I took this opportunity to take pictures of buildings, I...
  2. Alex753

    P3D v4 AA makes my semi-transparent texture disappear ?

    Hey ! Since my dev PC doesn't have a descent GPU, I use P3D with AA off. When testing my scenery on my main PC I found out that my ground polygon was turning almost transparent with AA on MSAA x8. Have a look : MSAA x8 : AA disabled : The texture is in DDS dxt3, I can provide it if...
  3. Alex753

    P3D v4 Florida Photoreal Project

    Hey ! Nothing really amazing to show for yet but it starting to look interesting around this state that I appreciate a lot. I'm pretty much done with the mask for all of the tiles around the whole state, I started to compile the south this afternoon and woah, looks already insane in my opinion...
  4. Alex753

    P3D v4 3D grass look

    Hello ! Just a little question here, I was wondering if you guys have any tricks to prevent 3D grass to look this sharp on the field, look at this pic, bottom left for example : There is already a transparency gradient at the bottom of the grass texture, I don't know what else should I try...
  5. Alex753

    Change Tiled texture heading ?

    Hello, Just a little question here, I was wondering if it was possible to change a tiled texture heading on ADE ? I don't see any place to do it. Thanks !
  6. Alex753

    When you create a Flatten without paying attention to surrounding altitude

    I saw this video on my YouTube feed and I instantly thought about this, insane landing view :D
  7. Alex753

    P3D v4 Cipieres Altisurface (Southern French Alps)

    ------------EDIT---------- The scenery is now available here : ;) --------------------------- Hello ! Just started a new project last night, Cipieres Altisurface in the southern French Alps. I discovered this « hidden » field while flying...
  8. Alex753

    P3D v4 Florida Keys !

    30 September 2019 edit : Florida Keys Scenery is out and available here : Hey guys ! I started this project last week while flying over default Florida Keys which are pretty ugly compared to beautiful real coral reefs and all, so I created a...
  9. Alex753

    P3D v4 Valberg Altisurface - Avalaible !

    ------------ 2019 EDIT ---------- Valberg LF0654 Scenery is now available here on Vario Design official website ---------------------------------- Good evening everyone ! I created this thread to announce you the very close release of my last scenery as Vario Design: The Valberg altisurface...
  10. Alex753

    P3D v4 Fayence/Tourrettes Airfield - LFMF (France)

    Hello ! I just released this little airfield who is actually the first European Gliding club this evening, i’m working on it since months and months and I would like to thank’s everyone that helped me on this project ... i develop sceneries since more than 4 years now and this forum was very...
  11. Alex753

    Disable sun reflection with mcx ?

    Hello ! Wich setting could permit to avoid this effect on the trees at the right ?
  12. Alex753

    Sloped ground polygon ?

    Hello ! So i wanted to make a sloped ground poly for some reason (The runway is actually sloped on the real field and i can't make a flatten that's look correct because of some global addons - France VFR- who include their own mesh) Is it even possible to make some sloped GP's or do i miss...
  13. Alex753

    P3D v4 3D grass Transparency

    Hello ! So i'm trying to make a progressive transparent grass texture, from the texturing to the compiling, everythings looks good, even in MCX where i see a beautifull grass texture with a nicely made degraded transparent,and, after that, in P3D, i see an ugly texture, like if my degrading...
  14. Alex753

    "Airfield Zone"

    Hello ! How do i can remove this yellow/brown zone arround my photoground ? I don't see it in ADE, maybe with Sbuilder X ?
  15. Alex753

    Sell a scenery with photoreal ground

    Hey ! I was just thinking about if it was possible to sell a scenery who contain some sattelite imagery like from google or virtual earth converted and compiled onto Bgl for fsx or p3d photoground but customised a lot. I knew that we can’t sell a scenery if we just compiled the tiles without...
  16. Alex753

    P3D v4 A319 Air Côte d’Ivoire Texture

    Hi ! Just a simple texture for all the freewares Airbus A319 who have all the same 3D model so this texture is working for all ! That’s the all new coming from Toulouse A319 TU-TSA for the Ivorian international compagny : That’s Avalaible right there ...
  17. Alex753

    Valberg Altisurface !

    Hi ! I just released yesterday my new Project : The Valberg Altisurface , in the French Alps. I'm very proud of the look of the altisurface , the hangar was Made with real pictures , took at Valberg by me ! Here is the coverage map (It's a small area, but the seasonal textures are very heavy...
  18. Alex753

    Afcad Deleting Autogen Trees

    Hi ! I have a problem with the Afcad of my everglades Airpark , the Afcad delete all the autogen trees in the north Part , nothing seems to be wrong : In Annotator , we can see the Autogen trees at the right place : In ADE there is no exclude or something like that : But in P3D , i have...
  19. Alex753

    Legal redistributable sattelites images for Africa ?

    Hi ! I Have a lot of Project in Africa for FSX , but i don't found a satellites imagery server who can be used for comercial projects , like here for the USA : Where did you found your images for your sceneries , and did you have a website for...
  20. Alex753

    Night textures Problem

    Hi ! I have another problem with MCX , i can't set night texture to my object , one image can describe the problem : The right image is in the same texture foler , with the _LM suffixe , but all my textures are in .jpg , it could be the problem ? Thank's !