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  1. apollomaker

    Strange Happening -- Texture Bounce (?)

    Hello All --- working with a new install of FSX and noticed something odd that I have never seen before. When changing views (spot, cockpit, etc) I am seeing a 'jumping' of the planes and texture movement a few times right after changing to a new view of a plane. It will repeat each time I...
  2. apollomaker

    Infamous NO TOOLS MENU problem

    Hello All --- well after some years, it was time to build a dedicated FSX machine. Have done that and am running Win7 64 Pro and have FSX installed. I installed FSX from the Gold Pack including Acceleration. Also installed the SDK per the prevailing instructions. Here is a listing of my ADE...
  3. apollomaker

    Issue With Start Points - Removing, Moving, etc.

    Hello All --- I have been working with ADE since day one and switched to 1.65 months back. I am in the process of building another NEW airport and have run into this problem. No problems with establishing a NEW airport until something gets moved....recently setting up a new runway and set it up...
  4. apollomaker

    Extending Range of Navaids

    Hello All ---- Is there a way that a user of ADE can extend the available range of Navaids, namely VORs and NDBs.?? The built-in limits are short for certain applications and navaids based on location. Thanks For Any Help here --- Regards, ;)
  5. apollomaker

    Extend NDB Range? How To ?

    Hello All --- Was wondering if there is a relatively easy way to extend NDB range beyond the maximum imposed by ADE? Anyone done this yet? Any help appreciated. Thanks for any comments!!!! Regards, Bob :D
  6. apollomaker

    Disabling Views in FSX

    Hiya Folks --- :) Wondering if there is a programatic way to disable views. My goal is to only show my inside cockpit view and my external spot view ONLY. No other views, selectable with the "S" key. The regular menus always seem to force you to pick other views but not to turn them off (?)...
  7. apollomaker

    FSXA New Feature EFFECTS - some confusion

    Hello All -- well, the new feature in the new version is nice. Now my problem is finding some discussion about how to implement "an effect". I have added effects to an airport but I get no effect in the compiled, running airport. Then I saw somewhere about a "file" or "title" related to an...
  8. apollomaker

    VOR / NDB Range Setting

    Hello Gang --- :D I have been wondering if there is a way to override the imposed maximums on both VOR/NDB/DME and range settings. I have some applications that require somewhat longer ranges. Any help here appreciated, rather than me trying to re-invent the wheel ;) Many Thanks === Bob :)
  9. apollomaker

    Editing Groups of Same Objects

    Hello All --- :D Well, I have been trying to figure out how to use the "grouping" capability in ADE and keep striking out. I have read the manual several times and cannot figure out how to basically do a copy and paste of a number of the same object. In my case, I have about ten identical...
  10. apollomaker

    FSXA Navigation Behavior - High Latitudes - FSX

    Hello All Again :D ---- Well, I was in the process of modeling a research base in the Arctic, had added my basic airstrip then began testing my VOR and associated items. Earlier I had been done a flight into Barrow, Alaska and had noticed some strange behaviors in the VOR and GPS nav on...
  11. apollomaker

    FSXA Which Way To Go / Design Tool (?)

    Hiya All --- need some advice from the veterans :D Getting back into scenery and aircraft design after a long absence. Wondering where the "center of the universe" is relative to design tools, with special focus on aircraft (eventually). FSDS, GMAX, etc? I would like to go with the...
  12. apollomaker

    Change Airport Ref. Point Coordinates (?)

    :D Hello All ----- While I am back at some airport design, I found myself needing to relocate an airport. I assumed I could double-click the reference point of the airport and change the location of the reference point....BUT...what I got was a change in the tower location only and the...
  13. apollomaker

    Making a Basic Large Island (?)

    Hello All --- been reading the plethora of comments on island building here and find myself awash in a sea of approaches, many not so straight forward. What I am trying to do, and have been experimenting with ADE to no avial (yet) is to build an island in deep open ocean water. I am trying to...
  14. apollomaker

    ATC & AI - Active Runway Selection (?)

    Hello All ---- As I again venture back into airport design, I find another question. My design uses four runways, positioned at 90 degrees to each other, but not crossing. All four runways have an ILS at each end, for a total of 8 ILS systems. What I am trying to figure out is how to...
  15. apollomaker

    Selecting planes and Making planes for AI Use

    Hello All ----- Working on a new airport (using ADE) and using AI Flight Planner to do my AI flight planning for the new airport. Wondering if someone could point me toward a good write-up on AI aircraft and the limitations of existing (non-AI) aircraft for AI usage. I notice that some...
  16. apollomaker

    Finding xml.dll - Windows 7

    Hello All -- well I am setting up FSX and ADE on my new Win 7 setup (64-bit) and all has gone very well until I had to find and adjust xml.dll settings to get the "TOOLS" moniker to show in FSX. A system scan for the file provides nothing but many "system.xml.dll" file references. Possibly...
  17. apollomaker

    DX11 -- Too Persistent -- Help!!!

    Hello All --- well I am in the near final stages of getting ADE and FSX set up in Windows 7 - 64bit. I want to install DX9 in place of DX11 which is causing some problems with some of my older aircraft. My problem is I have tried to install DX9, but it will not displace DX11 as shown using the...
  18. apollomaker

    Windows 7: FSX and DX9,10, and 11

    Howdy All --- getting ready to install Windows 7 (64 bit) as my primary op system but setting up as dual boot with XP (safety net). Wondering what people are doing since I guess the stock Win7 install puts DX11 in place, and FSX apparently, from posts, does not like DX11. Is the fix to...
  19. apollomaker

    Landing Light Effect Needed

    Hello All --- have been looking for an external landing light effect that can be added to an aircraft via the "aircraft.cfg" file. Being new to a/c design, it would appear that most landing lights are coded into the model itself and are not added externally. I have been looking for an add-on...
  20. apollomaker

    How To: HELICOPTERS ??

    Hello Gents --- Have spent a few hours trying to get a heli into my AI going and it just does not work so far. I have done the following: 1. Added a couple of parking spaces and gave them a code tag of "HCP" -- they turn dark purple after the "heli" assignment. I also provided taxiways to...