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  1. Frédéric Revol

    P3D v4 Airport Light effect following Aircraft's heading

    Hi, I am still in my learning curve on how to handle effects in P3Dv4. I was playing with a simple airport light effect. One light only. What I found is that, Although my effect is placed properly in ADE, with a specific heading, the actual effect seems to actually be pointing towards the...
  2. Frédéric Revol

    P3D v3 ADE1.75.6421 (Pro) - GP objects not aligned

    Hi, I hope you'll be able to help. I have a complex airport on which I use GP objects. I carefully place these objects using the 'copy coordinates' options. Until now I was using v1.65 without a glitch but suddenly I started getting crashes in P3D. So I decided to move to 1.75. Although this...
  3. Frédéric Revol

    P3D v3 GP objects/lines only displaying randomly

    Hi, I've been working on a project for some time without a problem and tonight, after I compiled my project once again to check the latest changes, I get the below: As you can see, the taxi lines are supposed to have yellow with black base but only the base is displayed. Same goes for the...
  4. Frédéric Revol

    P3D v3 Best way to create accurate taxiway lights

    Hi, I'm well advanced in my current project but am struggling with the taxiway centerline lights. I have tried adding effects. While this works as expected, this is killing my fps as I cannot control how far I want the lights to display. My questions: 1- Is there a way to control how far the...
  5. Frédéric Revol

    P3D v3 Custom taxi centerlines

    Dear all, I've been trying to find a way to have custom-made green center lines at my airport and thought of using the .fx files by placing these effects at a given distance to each other along the centerlines. All goes well except that, after having place a substantial number, this is at a...
  6. Frédéric Revol

    P3D v3 [SOLVED] ADE will only compile GP objects

    Hi, After some time away from scenery design, I started working on a new airport but get stuck as only the GP are being compiled. No error whatsoever reported, just that the Airport itself and library objects do not have a bgl file generated. Any help? Thanks, Fred
  7. Frédéric Revol

    FSXA Taxiway centerline using fx files

    Hi all, I am currently in the project of re-creating my local airport and was looking at a way to recreate centerline lights. Using ADE, I'm using nav_green effect but I'd like to slightly change the .fx file to only activate it once i'm at a certain distance and within a certain angle (ie. +/-...
  8. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 Issue with parking spots (v01.52.4699 BETA)

    Hi, I have an issue with parking spots with this latest version. For some reason, I'm not able to create any parking link. I should normally be able to create the link from a node to the parking spot, the latter 'attracting' the link to its center. instead, I have a node at the very...
  9. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 Dashes/hold lines strange behaviour

    Dashes/hold lines strange behaviour [Solved] Hi, I recently have seen a change in the standard lines' behaviour. Below is an example of and ILS hold line: I have not paid attention before so cannot really trace what I did wrong to get this. Does anyone have a trick? Thanks, Fred
  10. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 Taxiways chevrons

    Hi, I'm trying to add chevrons to my taxiways edges. I have found a file on the download section here but it seems the file is for FSX and won't appear in FS2004. Is there a way to convert the file somehow? Thanks, Fred
  11. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 Land appearing over water

    Hi, I am editing the Doha area and have the following screen on Sbuilder 2.05: However, when I go to FS, I get the following: It seems that there are two tiles (land) appearing although the background is set as poly/water. Can anyone help? Thanks, Fred
  12. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 VTP Polys - No night lights

    Dear all, I have created residential areas around my favourite airport using Sbuilder 205. They show up perfectly during the day but remain pitch black at night. Only the roads and autogen buildings show some lights. Did I miss something along the line? Thanks, Fred
  13. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 Removing shorelines

    Hi, I've been working on updating some local scenery. FS has, by default, an island that does not exist in real life. I have removed the land part with a LWM water element but the shoreline still appears. How can I remove it? Thanks, Fred
  14. Frédéric Revol

    FSX Removing parking markings

    Dear all, I am working on a project with many parking bays where real-life markings do not match FSX's. However, I have found no way to prevent FSX from creating the white V-shape markings around the parking bays. Thanks for your kind help. Brgds Fred
  15. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 Rebuilding Taxiway points indexes

    Hi, It seems BGLCOMP is limited to a max Index of 3999 : ERROR: TAXI_INDEX is limited to 0-3999 However, I only have 2481 taxi points as shown on the taxiway point list. It seems, though, that the taxiway points deleted are not re-used leading to this overflow. Is there any interim...
  16. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 ILS and displaced thresold

    Hi, I added an ILS to an existing runway (Doha/OTBD runway 16) which was added in Feb08 in real life. However, it seems the glideslope is guiding my aircraft to the runway end instead of the displaced thresold. Have I missed something ? Thanks, Fred
  17. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 Lines and textured polygons

    Hi, I have not found a way to add lines (Parking areas) nor textured polygons (ground markings) in ADE9. Is there a way? Thanks, Fred
  18. Frédéric Revol

    FS2004 VGDS pole?

    Hi Arno, I've just started adding some safedocks to my scenery but would like your help in recommending the best object that I can use as a pole? In real life, the actual docking system is not on the light pole so I need to find something else and cannot find anything around even in the...