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    New Airport accepted, but Pilot Log differs

    Hello I've designed a new fictitious airport on an island (Marion Islands) south east of South Africa - about halfway to the Antarctic. FSX seems to accept the airport,comms, ils etc and it is listed under the airports and country. However, when I fly from FACT for example or any other...
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    Exception Error

    Hello Jon Trying to install ADE_120 and I get this error message when the programme starts its scan: "Destination array is not long enough to copy all the items in the collection. Check array index and length." I have attatched a zip file of the log. Many thanks for your programme...
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    xml sound gauge help

    Hello I've been trying to insert a dsd sound gauge (dsd_xml_sound3)into the default crj700 pop-up panel - namely the apu start/stop button. I have searched many forums and have come up with some L:variables such as; 1 (>L:dsd_xml_id_00,number)(ground, bool) if { 1 (L:PlayMySound,number) }...
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    APU Switches - No Sound

    Hello All The mysteries of fsx! Why do some of the default aircraft in fsx have APU switches (B737-800) that do not work? There are sound files for the apu yet no mention of them in the sound cfg. or Why do some of the aircraft have the apu sound only after you shut down? Is it...
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    DME Position?

    Hello All, I'm using FSX Planner & ILS GPS Approach Creator. The first part using the creator worked fine - I now have a bgl with the ils. I need to add the ILS Equipment - using FSX Planner. I've inserted ILS,used the ILS Data Box to position the yellow arrow. If I click on the box...
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    Seatbelt Switch Sounds

    In FSX,how do I modify a sound & or panel cfg /cab file to enable me to have different sounds for different switches? For example - the Seatbelt switch - switch on, a cabin announcement & switch off - a different announcement. Lets say we use the Airbus A321 as an example. I can modify the...
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    SDE 0.81 error

    Hello Jon I have the same error as the one posted earlier this month by Alex (ADE052). I have delux fsx, sdk sp1a installed. I have "repaired" the fsx installation, I have copied the dll to my SDE folder, I have both versions of the dll in Wndows sxs, I have reinstalled SDE into new folder...
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    Progressive Taxi(ways)

    Hello All Can you create progressive taxiways on a newly designed airport? I would have presumed that if all taxi points, hold short points, with their paths etc. all connected, I would have the option to turn progressive on or off. I don't. Has this to do with com's; type of surface on...
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    What is a Taxi Type

    What is a 1. Runway - Taxi Type 2. Taxi - Taxi Type 3. Path - Taxi Type and where would you use them? Paul
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    Taxiways appear White

    All my taxiways and aprons, in my new airfield, are white. It does not seem to matter which surface I use or whether I have Draw Surface & Draw Detail set as True or False - they still appear as white. This is a grass airfield. Maybe it has something to do with the landclass polys! I'm a bit...
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    How Do I Create New Taxiways

    Firstly - a big thank you to the team who have designed FSXPlanner. It is a fantastic tool - couldn't have gone this far without it. The airfield I've been working on has 4 grass runways. The runways are up and fine. I have not yet allocated parking. Now, I don't know how to place taxiways on...