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    P3D v4 Jetway Animation does not work

    Hi Jeffry and everybody I have a problem with animated Jetway with PreparV4.2 sdk or modeldef (SODE_Modeldef include) I did a lot of test to "Reduce corners" before upload this issue so.. I start a new Jetway for the scenery of LLBG (Ben Gurion airport tel aviv) everything in 3dsmax with the...
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    P3D v4 Again with flatting Issue

    I'm working on LLBG new scenery. and I have the flatting issue again since P3Dv4 out in P3Dv3 I could solve it by compiling in MCX like FSX and it's work this is a real strange problem I did all "By the book" 1. flatten with the last ADE1.75 "flatten mask map.." I try all option available...
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    P3D v4 3Dsmax doesn't export Default Tranparent

    this problem started after installing the P4 sdk I try to work the normal way with Material Editor and with the shader tool. i test it with only with one transparent texture and as well with some more. then that it "forgot" ZBias when needed and in special parameters the marked option...
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    P3D v3 Strange Flatten Issue

    Hello All First I must thanks to Arno for the help we can get here as for now it's only for P3D. the Imagery is 25 meter\pixel and rendering is very slow when it in regular photoreal The strange flatting\flickering problem is with a big sliced poly 24 poly's 6X4 that cover the all airport around...
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    P3D v3 Flickering MCX strange problem

    Hello All First to Arno for the set of tools that Arno created:wizard: now to the strange problem, I created a set of 24 polygons of the very Hires imagery 25meter per\pixel It's cover the area of the airport I decide to do that because of long render time for photoreal bgl I must say it's...
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    P3D v3 [SOLVED] SODE Where I am wrong?

    I'm trying to put my model of Approach poles and later to attached the lights but nothing seem to appears but not a single problem with the sode jetway they all works fine! so here is my XML here is the sim.cfg Model Cfg in the folder of the MDL approach35r.MDL do i have to do some...
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    P3D v3 Ground Polly problem in MCX

    first of all no such problem in FSX I'm doing now the ground Polly for my LIMC scenery so when I'm converting with p3dv2 I get this TERRIBLE flickering with the taxi marking on my Polly Textures. Polly Textures is on layers 8!!! I get good shading so this is good the height of the airport...
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    P3D v2 Can't Exclude Taxisign

    Hi I'm using now ADE1.67(prokey) for Prepare3dv3. I have marked a big rectangle around the all airport to exclude the default Taxisign in P3dv3 but there are steel there! there is no problem with the same exclude in the FSX. how can I fix it Regards David
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    P3D v2 MCX GrounPolygon Wizard Problem

    Hello Arno Sorry bothering you with some stupid steps that i did all day on:stirthepo I try to convert all my ground poly with MCX for Prepar 3dv3 by peclicking on the P3Dv2 option while waiting to finish the convert I ould see that a lot of MDL are creating and then all of them delelted...
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    FSX bones Sliding joint problem in the jetway

    Hi All I tried to build in 3dsmax 2012 the jetway in the same way that Adrian Woods Tutorial for Gmax Thanks Adrian:wave: and b.d.w. I did it long time ago with Gmax and its work fine! so.. in 3dsmax when it came to the need for SLIDING JOINT the bone do not have this parameter only rotation...
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    FSX Flatten Problem with ADE 1.65

    sorry but i have this problem with ADE in some point on my scenery I have try to flatten with AFX and it's work fine. but I prefer working with ADE and not with the very old AFX hope to fined a way to fix it Thanks David
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    How to add my on moving jetway to ADE1.65

    I was looking for a way to add my animated jetway, to the list or to edit the quid number instead of the default fsx jetway until now I did it with AFX and it's works fine in the LLBG, LIME, LIEO Scenery's Thanks in Advance David
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    Problem loading ADE 1.65

    Hello Jon I get this massage when I start ADE 1.65 with the prokey in the plugin folder. But when I remove the prokey ADE 1.65 is loaded how can I fix it thanks in advance David
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    Flattening and sloping Problem In P3dv2

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    FSX Bergamo Airport

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    FSX Free Imagery for payware Scenery?

    Hi All I know that this issue was raised several times but I want to be sure not making any mistake. Me and my Friend are planning to create a scenery in the USA we already did a Photoreal in 0.3 meter\pixel we did it by Downloading the Imagery from USGS site...
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    Olbia Costa Smeralda Sardinia

    Close to Final Enjoy Dvdros