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  1. scruffyduck

    Transferring P3D v4 (and earlier) project files to use with P3D v5

    It's common knowledge, or should be, that LM have updated stock airports in significant ways. Aside from adding the ability to build sloped airports they have recompiled all the airports and added many new buildings and other objects. It also appears that some stock objects in V4 and earlier...
  2. scruffyduck

    ADE ADE 1.79.7439 Development Version Available

    Latest development version of ADE available from As usual please do not create a clean install if you already have 1.79 installed. Rather make a backup of the existing installation and then update it. Please do not...
  3. scruffyduck

    P3D v5 Stock Sloped Airports

    This list is generated from the latest set of stock bgl files for v5 95Z Bradley Sky Ranch C53 Lower Loon Creek CO95 True Grit South EGUO Colerne KAVX Catalina KCOD Yellowstone Regl LFFC Cherence LFHM Megeve LFHU L'alpe d'Huez LFKD Sollieres Sardieres LFKX Robert Merloz LFLJ Courchevel LFNB...
  4. scruffyduck

    Process for Converting v4 Project to v5

    It appears that there are a lot of folks loading their v4 projects into ADE v5. I am not sure what the results are but given the big differences between the recompiled airports LM create for v5 to v4 I think there are some messy ones I am trying to get my head around a work flow for the...
  5. scruffyduck

    P3D v5 Sloped Airport Taxiway Creation

    I have been reminded that creating a taxiway using the normal methods will give each new taxi point and altitude of zero at the moment. The altitude of a taxi point is not relevant and ignored if the airport is not sloped or created for earlier sim versions. This altitude is AMSL - there is no...
  6. scruffyduck

    P3D v5 Apron Edge Lights and Sloped Airports

    I received this answer to my query as to how they work. I thought to share it
  7. scruffyduck

    ADE 1.79.7422 Development Version

    This is available from the usual link: As previously please use this to update your existing 1.79 installation. Do not create a new clean installation unless this is the first time you are installing 1.79, In case of a...
  8. scruffyduck

    Apron Edge Lights and Sloped Airports

    Has anyone observed the behavor of aprin edge lights in a sloped airport. In rechecking my notes it occurred to me that there are no properties added for them related to sloping so if it works it must be automatically controled Thanks
  9. scruffyduck

    ADE 1.79.7417 Development Version

    This is now available for download from here: If you have an existing 1.79 version then please update that installation after backing it up. Please only create a clean install if this is your first 1.79 install. This...
  10. scruffyduck

    ADE Version 1.79.7415 Patch

    This is a quick patch to test changes made due to altitude problems with taxiways and aprons. You need to have 1.79.1712 installed. Backup that installation then copy the two files from the zip into the installation.. This update does one thing specifically and provides a minor update to...
  11. scruffyduck

    P3D v5 SID/STAR Help Please

    I would appreciate some help on the new feature in v5 which supports SIDs and STARS. My knowledge of approaches, how they work and how to create them is zilch. It seems to me that the implementation of these by LM may be faulty in that all of them reference the Runway 00. (I have asked but not...
  12. scruffyduck

    P3D v5 and Projects from Earlier Versions

    There are plenty of reports for misplaced and unexpected objects when compiling a P4 project for P5. There are two reasons The biggest is that the stock airports have been recomplied and there are a lot of new objects present in P5 than P4. Your ADE project will not exclude those. If you...
  13. scruffyduck

    P3D v5 New Altitude Properties for Sloped Airports

    Looking at the issues and comments I wanted to explain How ADE works in respect of the new properties. I am especially looking at the new Altitude property for taxi points, parking and aprons. These didn't exist in earlier versions. The altitude property is added from 1.79 to these elements...
  14. scruffyduck

    ADE Version 1.79.7412 Dev Released

    Download from here: This fixes the missing files issue properly and compile errors from SID/STAR approach code. If you have 1.79 installed then make a backup and update the existing installation via the enclosed...
  15. scruffyduck

    ADE 1.79 Long Stock Airport Load Times

    P3D v5 introduced some new objects which are not yet in the detailed footprint database. This means that you will sometimes get a long load time when opening a stock airport. If you do then let it work - it will open eventually. At the same time please post any slow load airport idents here...
  16. scruffyduck

    ADE 1.79 Issue and Bug List. Please Read before Reporting an Issue

    This is a place for me to list issues with ADE 1.79 Dev build and report on fixes. It is read only. Please report any bugs of issues in ADE 1.79 in a separate thread Thanks
  17. scruffyduck

    ADE ADE Version 1.79.7410 Dev is released. Supports P3D v5

    This version is now avaiable from here: This is the same link as the earlier 1.79 dev. This version has the following changes Support for P3D v5 Removes support for P3D v2 and v3 Some minor bug fixed INSTALLATION...
  18. scruffyduck

    ADE Wish List

    We used to have a wish for ADE but it got very long and with limited time to work on the program things got lost. I am aware that folks are spending more time with the program recently - probably due to Covid 19. So for a limited time I am creating a new wishlist. Please add requests for ADE...
  19. scruffyduck

    ADE ADE Backup Utility

    I am sure y'all have good backup tools that you use regularly. We are moving our installation method to copying an update into an existing ADE installation. This does mean that if the update goes wrong then the existing installation is likely to be compromised. This small utility will take a...
  20. scruffyduck

    ADE P3D v5

    Y'all will see the announcement that P3d v5 will be released next week. ADE will be available with support for the new features such as sloping airports when v5 launches. TACANs are also supported although these have been around for a while.