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    FSXA Cannot get FSDS 3.51 to work on my system - Is Abacus defunct?

    I have been fighting with FSDS 3.51 for some time. I have installed it on Win7 64 bit with a 2 TB drive. It starts and I can set the paths to the compilers (XToMDL, or MakeMDL and BGLComp) but I get this error. I tried the help file and discovered the link to Abacus is broken. Is Abacus...
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    Old School SCASM Coder needs help with vectors

    I am in the process of making static aircraft libraries for use in FS and for some of the sources I need to re-engineer the code to add some parts (winglets) or change others (Lengthen fuselage of modify wings) The one thing I can't get my brain around is the calculations of the vectors for the...
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    Calculation of LAT/LON - can it be done?

    I am using SCASM to place objects from my own object library files. I wrote some code - modified from formulas from MS Excel - that calculate a new LAT/LON from and original location and a displacement. When I run the compiler I get the error message: Area( 5 $LATI $LONGI 6 ) -> illegal...
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    variables buffer overflow

    I am coding a hanger with a number of dimensions calculated based on the input width and depth. While I have a number of Uvars I am no where near the 200 Uvars limit mentioned in the SCASM docs (my macro has 60). When I compile the hanger in scenery using FSSC and SCASM v2.88 I get multiple...