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    Creating a custom Airport Beacon in FSDS

    Hi I'm posting this on behalf of someone else, and he's having problems trying to create an Airport Beacon within FSDS. We're trying to create a light that flashes as the sequence below, and if you know how to achieve this, I would appreciate your help. --------- Colour = Green...
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    Increasing visual range of an object using XML?

    Hi, Is there anyway of increasing the visual range of an object in an XML file?
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    Problems using FS2004 SDK for export

    Hi, I've had to use FS2004 SDK because I will be attaching effects and library objects to my Gmax work. It doesn't matter whether I use the Gmax Fs2004 shortcut to gain access to Gmax, or the normal exe, as I get the same results. Why do I need to use the FS2004 shortcut? So far I...
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    XML and library object problems in FS

    Hi, I'm trying to add library objects into FS using the standard default library objects. The objects I've been adding so far are boats, and they seem to display fine in FS, but they are causing problems of a different kind. The problems I've been experiencing are a sudden drop in FPS...