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    FSX Model parts are not visible.

    Hello friends, I am new developer. I made a small object in Sketchup without colors and textures. I made export object as a *.dae file. but when i import in model x , model is not appearing properly, especialy walls. see pictures.
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    Importing error

    I made a hanger in sketchup but mentioned error is depicting in MCS while importing and model is not appearing in 3d window option. can anyone helpout please. :06 PM FLTReader Information Starting reading of file D:\Sketchup Projects\RZS\FINAL\OMV Hanger.skp 5:06 PM FLTReader...
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    Hi, I made a 3d model for my airport scenery in sketchup 2018. But whicle importing in MCX , the error is appearing and model is not visiable in my screen. Here is a error detail. Plz help out. An error occured during importing the selected file Message: Object reference not set to an...
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    FSX First Model for First Airport

    Dear Friends, I made a simple box with some customized textures in FSDSv3.5.1. I want to load that model in my airport using ADE. In FSDS, First , I exported object as Building.bgl and Building.mdl. Then, I opened LiberaycreatorXML to make XML project for my FSX Acceleration. Actually, my...
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    Hello friends, Please help me out, I recently started scenery making and in learning phase. I learnt ADE for making airport , now I am much interested to creage my own building and hangers. I came to know FSDS is easier than GMAX, then I started for FSDS. But the issue is my MDL is not creating...
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    Fence not appearing in FSX

    Hello friends, this is my first post, I am making my first project for fsx using ADE 1.76. I am using P3d V4 SDK. The problem is my airport complied perfectly, but fence is not appearing around airport. I used " Large boundary fence" from the menu. Please help out.