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  1. J

    FS2004 Location of landclass textures

    I am trying to find exactly where the Landclass textures are stored in FS2004? Thanks Jay
  2. J

    FS2004 AI aircraft textures drop out at 1600 feet away from aircraft.

    I am setting up an AI aircraft in a small scenery, the textures look good on the AI. But when I move away to 1600 feet and further the textures drop out, you only see the base model gray. Anything below 1600 feet the AI textures look good. I am not an aircraft modeler so I will ask a naive...
  3. J

    FS2004- Thumbnail collection for ground textures?

    I am experimenting with FS2004 ground textures. They are located in the scenery – world – texture folder. I have been clicking on each one individually to see what the numbers (e.g. 003b2su6.bmp) look like, very time consuming. Question: is there a collection of all the thumbnail image with...
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    FS2004-Aircraft brakes not stopping on ground.

    I am working on a country airfield where you need to get off the taxi way. The aircraft brakes work fine on the runway and taxi way but when you get on the surrounding ground they do not stop the aircraft. I know this is possible to have the breaks work on the ground areas, I must have forgotten...
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    SBuilder or FS2004 flips custom ground textures?

    I am in the processes of relearning SBuilder for FS2004, from 8 years ago. I am working with custom made ground textures (not photo textures). I am trying to remember why after making a ground texture with custom lines on it, I then compile bgl to FS9, I see that the textures are flipped...
  6. J

    ADE exception warning

    I recently installed ADE 175 in to Windows XP SP3 for FS2004. When I try to open the program I get this exception. Not sure where to start to trace the problem down? Thanks.
  7. J

    MakeMDL screen not fully opening.

    Has anyone ever had this problem: I recently installed MakeMDL on my newer computer (WinXP_SP3 –FS2004). When I open MakeMDL the control screen is not opening fully to the right and to the bottom. It cuts off several of the check boxes at the bottom of the option screen. Other than that MakeMDL...
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    FSDS 3 preview screen problem.

    Greetings, I recently installed FSDS_3 on a newer computer with Windows XP, I am having a problem with FSDS showing the complete (all parts) of a project. The problem is that in the preview screen in FSDS_3 (upper right corner) will not show all the parts of the object that is currently being...