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    Help with AI A/C getting stuck on parralell runways

    Hey guys, Can anybody help me out here. At many airports were there are parralell runways, aircraft that land on say 35L will need to cross 35R to get to the gates. Problem is that if there is a number of aircraft lining up to take off on 35R, the aircraft thats clearing or about to clear 35L...
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    AFX By Flight1. Will this change you course Russell?

    G'day Russell, I just saw that Flight1 have released an airport editor that markets itself as the same as AFCAD was for 2004. Details are here While I'm not stupid enough to purchase a product for $35 when I can have FSX Planner for...
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    Any final release planned Russell?

    G'day Russell, I was just wondering if you had a definative list of things you were going to add/fix before releasing a 'Final' version and uploading it to a place like AVSIM? As I was trolling through their file library last night, I relaised just how few 'afcads' their really are for...
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    Would this be difficult...

    Hey guys, I've never really had much to do with scenery design, just using Object placer to create my own BGLs. I was wondering how hard it would be to load airport buildings into a program like FSX Planner? Is there a reason that this has never really been done? It would obviously make...
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    Whats the error message all about??

    Trying to compile the attached XML. I can't see any erronious taxi points. I don't know anything about NDBs.... Can anybody deficpher this error message. FSX Planner isn't "Cleaning Up" anything, nor is it reporting any errors on checking.. Parsing document: Kingsford Smith Intl YSSY.xml...
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    Crosswing Runways Again?

    G'day all, Perhaps somebody, or maybe Jim Vile could tell me if they're having problems with activating crossing runways in FSX. I've noticed that at airports that have it activated, aircraft are landing at both ends of all runways, at the same time. For example, an airport with runway...
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    Disappearing Taxiways

    Russell, Are you comfident you solved the issue of loosing taxiways over time? I've got another couple of .XMLs that highlight the lose of these if you need to take look? Looking forward to next release! Cheers, Kael
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    Why would AI A/C not leave preflight?

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with an airport i've been working on. I've taken an airport that was previously modified by another member that activates crosswind runways. All of that works fine. I've tweaked and changed around with it a bit using FSX Planner though and found that a lot of...
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    Crosswind Runways Jim?

    Morning Everybody, but Particular JV... Is there an easy way to open crossing runways and allow simultanios operations? Obviously Jim discovered how to do this but I'm wondering if there is a walkthru of sorts available. Does it involve manually editing the .XML or can I do it thru...
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    Heavy Gates and their parking outline?

    Hey guys. Does anybody know what decides weather or not a GATE_HEAVY gets an outline parking spot? I've created a number of heavy spots, some of which appear in FSX with outlines and others that don't. I can't seem to establish a common thread. Some of them have outlines, but arn't...
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    Problems creating aprons

    Hey Guys.. Anybody else having problems creating aprons? I often find when I click to start drawing an apron, nothing happens. If I click on a few locations, nothing at all will happen, until I save it and re-load, when the mess of aprons I just created appears. Is there a secret to it? Kael
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    Help with Pushback Distance/T Offset please

    Hey Guys, a) Does anybody know what determines the distance an aircraft is pushed back? I've got a number of GATE_SMALL A/C (734/738) that are only getting pushed back half the size of their parking spot? b) What determines how far in front of an A/C the ground vehicles (tug/baggage...
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    Can I add/relocate jetways? Remove default ones?

    Hey guys, Playing around with FSX Planner I'm having a little trouble moving jetways. I'm attempting to move both a parking location and the jetway for it YMML. The parking spot is moving without a problem, but despine FSX Planner telling me the jetway has moved, it remains in its original...
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    Was there consenus on the parking size debate?

    Hey Guys, I'm about to start building a bunch of Afcads (not the correct word anymore since I'll be using FSX Planner) and was wondering if anybody (Reggie? Jim?) had established the best parking spot sizes for AI aircraft? Obviously it will probably require a change to aircraft.cfg's, but...
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    Trouble adding Parking Spots and whats T offset?

    Hey All, First of all, great Program Russell, well done! Its very easy to use, plenty of features and looks great. Just wondering if there was anything special I need to do to add parking spots? I'm able to add vehicle spots OK, but when I add parking spots and attempt to compile I get...