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    Exclusion File Problem

    Gday all, have a nagging issue with scenery exclusion . I cant get either the SBuilder scasm variant or XML hand coded exclude to remove two bridge sections from a scenery. These objects are at the western most point of Philip Island, Australia. easy way to see them is start at YPID and then...
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    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all from Jeff
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    Inno Setup

    Gday all, has anyone experiance with this software in creating what i pressume to be a script for either renaming files or moving files from one folder to another ( for backup purposes ) prior to installation of the new software. I have no idea about script but any sample or examples would...
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    Mesh query on BMP image

    Gday all. looking for some advise on an image editor that can allow editting of a pallette for a 512 colour image. I have created the required BMP file in Sbuilder but it has a lot of wav shadow from the SRTM pass. Using PSP 7 it converts the image to 256 colours wich results in some...
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    Mesh issues, please jog my memory

    My current project is to reshape an island off the Victorian , Australia coast. I have the required BMP file created from a BSQ to use in SBuilder and have cleaned up the differing heights due to wave action from the SRTM pass without issue. The New coastline is working Fine. The Mesh...
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    Gmax error

    Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to fix colinier triangles as ive only fluked it once and im stumped what i did. I have created required holes in an object and now cant export the file to MDL due to this error. This time ill note the answer down on how to correct it...
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    Animation Tip Please

    Gday All Im constructing a hanger with animated doors set to Nav2 with Cat ! Creating two doors that open in the Y axis works fine with a smooth realistic animation. However, when attempting 4 doors, two sets of two that move in opposing directions im having an issue with a gap...
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    Wind Rotation Help please

    Gday all. After reading a previous post here by Arno , Nick and Dick, ive attempted to create a flag the rotates to wind. I can display the flag and get it to rotate to wind but i still have the Orig flag showing. cant fathom where ive gone wrong but would appericiate help . source...
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    My 1st Animated Gmax Object

    Gday all, just wanted to show a shot of my Australian Windmil with watertank that has animated vanes. Taken about 10 days to get to grips with Gmax sofar after converting over from FSDS. rgds Jeff
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    Editing Autogen with Custom Gmax Objects

    Gday All could someone please advise me if it is possible or how to input the correct path to call the MDL file for the Gmax object called as autogen. I am asking this as not everyone will have thier FS9 installed to the default location and i have no idea howto input the path eg: to the...