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  1. Peter Hornfeck

    P3D v5 Airports and Buildings

  2. Peter Hornfeck

    ADE 1.79 P3D V5 custom buildings

    I tried to change the AFCAD file from an P3D V4 airport with ADE. First I opened the ad4 file and load stock data. But now there are also my custom buildings are shown, which are bgl files in the scenery folder of the airport. When I remove with ADE and compile, they are gone in P3D V5. When I...
  3. Peter Hornfeck

    P3D v4 Pyongyang North Korea P3D/FSX

    Start with next project, Pyongyang. Only a few fotos are available. But made a little progress last week.
  4. Peter Hornfeck

    SODE Jetway in GMAX Head and Wheels not on the right place

    Hello, maybe someone has an idea what I'm doing wrong. 1. I made jetway in Sketchup. 2. I use the last modeldef of SODE and also the last SDK scripts. 3. The example jetway works fine. But the bones of my jetway are in the wrong directions. OK, I did not link the other parts because I tried...
  5. Peter Hornfeck

    Earth Curve Editor not working

    Hello Arno, the latest versions of MCX do not correct the earth curve. Today I tried the newest version, same problem. When I use the Earth Curve Editor and enter all data there, next click to correct. Nothing happens. The model is not in my scenery and when I open the map from Earth Curve...
  6. Peter Hornfeck

    P3D v4 Diffuse textures and lua script

    Hello, maybe someone knows what I'm doing wrong. I made a house with a roof. For the roof I used one texture, for example A second texture I tried to use for winter. Then I add the lua script name to the material in MCX. Roof.lua Because Instant Scenery couldn't use...
  7. Peter Hornfeck

    Seoul Gimpo for FSX/P3D

    First time we do not use Sketchup. We have changed to Blender. A long and hard way to learn new skills. But the most time consuming part is nearly done. Groundpoly, Taxilines, Runway Markings, Streets and Parkpositions are done. The textures are clean and must be changed later. All gates and...
  8. Peter Hornfeck

    FSX Normal Map Problem

    Maybe someone can help. I made a Normal Map with Gimp. Next I used the MCX texture converter and made a FSX Normal Map. Everything seems fine, but when I add the normal map to my model and convert it, triangles on the faces are showing a divided surface. How can I prevent this? My model is made...
  9. Peter Hornfeck

    FSX Queenstown

    Last projects show me what i have to learn. So I make a freeware for FSX/P3D, Queenstown NZQN.
  10. Peter Hornfeck

    Taxilights in FS9

    Hello, maybe someone knows what I'm doing wrong. Taxilights in FSX are fine, but in FS9 I have problem. I use transparent textures and the lights looking well when Aircraft Lights are off. But when I turn them on, the light of the airplane makes the alpha chanel of my textures black. Not when I...
  11. Peter Hornfeck

    Safegate in P3D

    Must be possible with FSX tools. GAP made a full working excellent Safegate for their new EDDF V2. It is the same in FSX and P3D. So it must be done with FSX and not part of new P3D functions. I didn't found anly dll, exe or gauges. And they do not use SODE. Interesting, in VC, Cockpit or...
  12. Peter Hornfeck

    FSX/P3D Whats important to know

    Maybe we only post our experiences, no long discussion. So everybody can read what he should do or not. 1. In FSX scenery start with layer 17. Later, when using a ground poly in P3D, it will only receive shadows when it is layer 17 or above 2. Bgl Lights in P3D not visible. With...
  13. Peter Hornfeck

    P3D v3 GPW compile error

    Similar problem? I'm not sure what it is. I made my groundpoly with sketchup. And when I use the groundpoly wizard to make bgl for FSX, everything works fine. But in P3D V3 I can not use the because no lights, made with textures, are visible. Here are my problem: Sketchup DAE files X and Y ->...
  14. Peter Hornfeck

    Alignment of Airport - Attention

    Nokia Here for placing a background image for photoreal scenery in SbuilderX seems a good idea. But I got a problem with this: 1. First I used google for the image. The position in ADE fits to the airport data and to PMDG FMC-Data. 2. For the background image I tried to use Nokia. After making...
  15. Peter Hornfeck

    Rabbit Lights

    Sorry, but I don't understand the manual. What I want to do: Want to make a bgl light or effect light, which is running down 21 light poles, 3° I need no light poles, they are ready and placed in FS9 and FSX. Also all other approach lights are made as bgl files and placed. I made an Gmax...
  16. Peter Hornfeck

    GMax Move didn't work

    GMax makes me crazy. I use with FS2004 gamepack many days. Yesterday I open and now everything is changed: 1. I can not move an object 2. All objects are drawn at origin 0,0,0 3. It is not possible to move with inputs (x,y,z) or mouse 4. it is not possible to create or move a box with another...
  17. Peter Hornfeck

    Approach Light Tests

    Only beginning with scenery design, I made some test. I made a 128 x 128 bmp for an approach light. On a lightpole I have a group of 5 lights. Now I can use 5 effects, for every light one effect. face should be 1,1,1 because it doesn't matter the effect follow my position. Or I can use the...
  18. Peter Hornfeck

    Docking System and ASM

    Maybe someone can see what's wrong? One week I tried to make my own Docking Guide System. The Heading for parking Aircraft should be 151°. The left and right directions are working fine, no problems with them. But everything with distance doesn't work. If I do not use a seperation plane and...
  19. Peter Hornfeck

    FSX Ningbo ZSNB

    Thanks for so many helpfull pages here in this forum. This are my first pictures. We try to make this airport frame friendly and without flickering textures. Still missing ground textures, not ready yet. And the groundtextures are the main problem, not sure how we can use them without copyright...
  20. Peter Hornfeck

    Small Rivers and ModelconverterX

    Used ADE and ModelConverterX, both are fine, thanks for this great tools first. My project: A smaller airport with a many small rivers and chanels around the airport. Starting the project, I didn´t recognize, this should be a problem, but ... I don´t want a photoreal background image, I used...