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  1. littleMax

    Export attachpoints?

    Is this possible in one or another way? Cause im still struggling with Gmax and cant export to mdl, so i exported via MCX to 3ds and now only the attachpoints are missing. (terminal building) Place them again is an option, but would take some time ;)
  2. littleMax

    Error when "Crash Boxes" are showed on loading a model

    Hi, i get this error when "display crash boxes" is on while i load a model: Informationen über das Aufrufen von JIT-Debuggen anstelle dieses Dialogfelds finden Sie am Ende dieser Meldung. ************** Ausnahmetext ************** System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht...
  3. littleMax

    Using a Batch file to run the xtomdl.exe

    Hi, i normaly use a batch-file to run the xtomdl.exe, cause it is easyer the running the cmd all the time ;) Now im starting to deal with more and more model and i tought... why not make it easyer again. What im planing is to use a single .bat and just change the name of it to match the...
  4. littleMax

    FSXA Moce stock glideslope?

    Move stock glideslope? Ist it possible to move the stock glideslope? I think the i have here in EDDL is 50 meter behind the touchdown point and i want it more up the runway. (23L)
  5. littleMax

    FSXA Effects not working

    Hi, when i view an effect in MCX or FXEditor, it chrashes or does not show the effects correct. Im Using the latest dev build
  6. littleMax

    FSX Newer tool for placing objects via XML, then ObPlacer XML?

    Hm yeah that the question, maybe "ObPlacer XML" is just good enough, but i like to have new Versions/Programms cause im working for FSX. So is ObPlacer XML new/good enough?
  7. littleMax

    FSXA distance controller -> effects at wrong possition

    Hi, im working on an approachlight system for EDDL and got the effects working and looking good. For the scenario that you fly to the airport i placed extra controllers with distance value at 10000,0. If I start at the airport the effects show like expected, at the right position and...
  8. littleMax

    FSXA Separation plane with Prepar3D and .x/xml?

    Separation plane with Prepar3D SDK and .x/xml? Hi, having fun :D ... constantly stumbling over things that i dont know and have to learn. :rolleyes: Now i need to add separation planes to my approach lights. There are still other issues, as you may see in my other threads/posts, but i cant...
  9. littleMax

    FSXA Effects not getting "bigger" in the distance

    Hi, some effects in FSX, like the fx_landing seem to get bigger when you move away from the source. They are not realy getting bigger, the on screen size (pixel x*y) is getting smaller when you move away, but relative to objects they get bigger. I want to have the same with my approach...
  10. littleMax

    FSXA Model not showing in FSX

    Hi, i think i did nothing wrong.. exported the model, throw it through xtomdl, placed it with ADE and at last i compiled it. But when i want to look at it in FSXA.. there is nothing, anybody an idea? I attached the model
  11. littleMax

    Prepar3D SDK 1.1.2771.0 and 3DSMax

    Prepar3D SDK 1.1.2771.0 and 3DSMax 2010 Hi, i downloaded the SDK from the official side because i want to use it with 3DS Max 2010, but how i use it exactly. In the Folder: "D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D SDK 1.1.2771.0\Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\", i could only fined a pluginfolder for the...
  12. littleMax

    What happened to the forum display?

    Is it only me or did you guys change the display-stile of the Forum?
  13. littleMax

    Question about the Apron lights tut

    Question about the Apron lights tutorial Hi again, i have a question about THIS section of the "Apron lighting using effects and GMax" tutorial. Do I ... A. make a copy of the fx_navwhi.fx and ad the quoted lines from the tutorial? B. (what i think) make a new .fx file and at the...
  14. littleMax

    Striped ground pattern of a jetway causes collision

    Hi, it is simple as this, but i dont know how to fix that. Thomas Ruth builded the Jetways for the EDDL scenery and when i drive on the ground pattern with the frontwheel. The Aircraft crashes! How can i tell fsx that this area is no crash? PS: The jetways are animated so not added via...
  15. littleMax

    Approach light types, explenation?

    Hi, in ADE i can select 13 types of approach lights, but what is the differents between them and how do they look? Any documentation about that?
  16. littleMax

    Ad objects, after extra OBJ Bgl compiled

    Hi, a question came up to my mind. I compiled an airport and there were a lot of objects, so i decided to let ADE compile an extra OBJ file. My question is now: When i open the airport via the compiled BGL and add new objects, does ADE ad them to the OBJ Bgl or does it create a new one with...
  17. littleMax

    Question about CC and aerial images

    Hi, i plan to ask to surveyor's office of Düsseldorf (Germany) about current aerial images, there prices and if i can uses it in a freeware CC project. (EDDL by Thomas Ruth) The licens used is this: First question: When i ad parts...
  18. littleMax

    Assign an Runway to be used for landing only

    Assign an Runway to be used for landing only? Hi, is it possible that the Ai would use a runway only for Landing? At EDDL the AC use mainly the 23L/5R for starts and not the 23R/5L
  19. littleMax

    Moving the ladder at a jetway

    Hi, found the custom jetways for EDDL (Thomas Ruth) were way to big/long (30m) when not extended. So i changed that and thought also about adding bones/animation to the ladder so that it dont sink in to the ground. Adding the bones with axis-restrictions isnt the problem, but hot do i tell the...
  20. littleMax

    Moving an object, exact: moving a VC

    Hi, as i asked/wrote here: i tried to move the VC of my merged A319 (PA extirior + aerosoft VC). For my private use i tried to move the exterior or the VC MDL with MCX. But the exterior ends up as a complete mess, and after Moving...