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    Sloped airports Ground Polygons

    Hello I'm wondering how can we make GP for sloped airports, I mean GPs are 3D objects flattened to the ground and sloped airports do not have a flat ground geometry which makes me think about how can we apply creatures to our GPs? note that every user has his own mesh settings and mesh files...

    ADE P3D v5 Sloped Airports

    Hello Does the sloped runways and taxiways follow the mesh file ?

    how to Sell an Addon for P3D ?

    Hello i want to know the legal steps to do to be able to open flight sim addons buisness i want to know if there are any taxes that i must pay or a legal state that i must have is it hard to open my online sceneries and addons buisness ? (from a legal and laws perspective) can i sell things on...

    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    Hello dev community I've been working for the last months on a new VDGS Engine it is fully working and ready to be used by Scenery developers/end users/profiles & presets builders the first release will simulate one VDGS model only, other models are coming in future releases Here is a quick...

    P3D v4 P3D PDK register property

    Hello all i'm trying to make my first ever PDK Addon i started with Simobject even if it is hard cus i need it for an other addon i made my way through by Copy paste, SDK docs and fixing visual studio Red lines i finished all the needed declarations and the DLL just compiled now i need to test...

    P3D v4 P3d Dynamic lights refresh

    Hello Is there a way to view changes in the dynamic light file without restarting the sim Reloading scenery doesnt work Thnx in advance

    P3D v4 Hey Kelvin Richardson

    Hey @Kelvin Richardson should i make a folder for my bmp or i just put in yhe work folder

    Scenproc Incomplete installation

    I had scene proc in my old system and it worked perfectly but now on my new system it doesnt it tells me incomplete installation redownload sceneproc and i did that with same result I got the 64bit version + the update Any thoughts ?! Thnx in advance

    P3D v4 Flatten a model

    Hello I was working on a Ground Polygon and without knowing it, I made a big crazy model I was in TOP ortho view so it didn't appear when I was editing, 4 hours of work non-stop is just gone :( is there a way to flatten my model? to put every vortex in the scene to position z = 0 I searched...
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    P3D v4 P3D V4 visibility conditions

    Hello i to make a simconnect app that set a var in the SIM and in the modeldif.xml i set the code to show if this var is true well it didn't work , i got some problems but i think i know how to fix them well, i wanted to make something native without custom vars, so i tried to make an obejct...
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    P3D v4 Decompile a file

    hello i'm a bit curious about file formats and their structure let's say we know a file structure (WIKI) and we want to decompile it if i use C# or C++, will I just make a class that matches the file and then deserialize it? and what about all those offsets? i know that we can read memory...
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    Override an old Ground polygon

    Hello all i'm working on an update to an airport that has a Ground polygon the GP has been made by someone and he probably compiled it with SCASM as he used MCX for that and he used the fsx format so my update now works with PBR materials and i wanna get my GP to be on top of his GP you might...
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    P3D v4 SODE Jetways and PBR ?!

    hello @12bPilot i made SODE jetways before and had to select skinned mesh in the material editor to get the jetway to support bones but now in P3D v4.5, i used PBR materials and there is no skinned mesh bool to check, when i dock the jetway it just switch between the STC and the skinned but...
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    Xplane to FSX/P3D ??!

    hello i know some people who convert fsx sceneries to xplane, and the ground polygons are converted too so is there a way to invert that? xplane ground poly to fsx/P3D ???
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    P3D v4 Multi select

    Hello @scruffyduck I found that to multi-select things in ADE we have to use the list or the shift key in my case i have many paths to select and shift key will just take me ages, the list is impossible as I don't know the order or the name of the paths can we have like a square box select or...
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    P3D v4 P3D native ground polygon

    I've been using the MCX ground poly wizard in every scenery I made but this time I wanna make Native GP to be able to work with PBR in real time and save time so if I finish my model and layers, should I export it to MDL and apply the earth curvature correction or I can just export the Library...
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    P3D v4 Console Based or scriptable MCX

    Hello @arno your MCX is really useful when it comes to access some libraries and update them. I was working on updating some Libraries to PBR for P3D 4.5 and the library had 31 objects and I had to update only 2 objects so exporting all models manually and making the library again was time...
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    P3D v4 ADe doesn't support high resolution images

    Hello @scruffyduck I found that when I load a high-resolution image in ADE I get one of two things: 1) it gives me a message box saying that the image exceeds 70mb so I click ok and it loads 2) it just stops working (when the image is really detailed) can you please open the limit on...
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    P3D v4 2D universal panel

    Hello all I've seen that IVAP or come other add-ons have a universal 2D panel that is accessible from the Add-ons menu. Well, I've been looking in the SDK and the simconnect SDK but I couldn't find anything about those floating panels or how can we design them. Can you plz tell me how to make it...
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    P3D v4 MCX texture converter

    Hi @arno i found that the mcx texture converted has a normal map to FS normal map feature and that is solving many problems for me :) can you plz tell me what is that feature doing to my txeture ? i found that it move the Red channel and delete the blue one, is that all it does ? i want to set...