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  1. Mardley O

    how to... make grid LOD?

    first of all.. sorry if the question is not relevant inhere..:confused: okay.. is it possible to make grid LOD in Global Mapper.. i.e, something like the grid LOD's found in SBuider/SbuilderX; menu.. view..Display Grid.. if that is possible.. then how to make a reference grid such as LOD11...
  2. Mardley O

    disassemble landclass bgl

    is there any special tool to disassemble landclass file? anything like bgl2xml.exe, NewBglAnalyze.exe or scdis.exe thnx
  3. Mardley O

    Run-time error ‘430

    mdl_tweaker_2 v2.0.0.266 Message Error Run-time error ‘430: class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface any solution to fix this error? I'm using FS2004
  4. Mardley O

    Editable Mesh or Poly?

    What is seem to be a practical way to convert of an object….say if you have a box object…convert it into mesh…I’ll get 12 (selected object) or I would say 12 sides (6 internal & 6 external/visible sides)….then converted it into poly…I only get 6 (selected object) or 6 visible sides. If I...